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Posted by AlanM87 | May 01, 2021 @ 10:29 AM | 2,215 Views
I'm getting back into RC flight after a 30 year hiatus. Much has changed, mostly for the better :l I built a Wanderer 99 glider as a teenager, and then a Big Stick gas plane, that was a blast to fly. Time constraints and lack of discretionary funds pushed me away from the hobby.

A friend took me flying earlier this year, and let me fly his UMX Turbo Timber. I remembered how fun it is to fly.

Since then, I've been building Flitetest foamies, and having a blast re-learning how to fly, on the cheap. I've gone through a FT Mini Trainer, an Explorer, and a Storch.

My current plane is a scratch built Storch that I extended the nose 1 1/2" to improve the cg. I had to put quite a bit of lead in the nose of the original Storch. I moved the ailerons towards the middle of the wing, to protect them a bit from my abuse, and added 3" to them, as the Storch rolled a bit too lazily. This takes away any room for flaps, but the plane will fly extremely slow, so I think flaps would be a waste of time. Plus, with today's tech, you could always use flaperons.

I extended the bottom of the wing out to the wingtip, and built the wing with no dihedral. This allows you to use a full paintstick to join the wings, and strengthens the wingtips.

I also got rid of the wrap around rudder, as it made the elevator very weak at its center. I started out with the more traditional Explorer tail design, and added 1/2" all the way around to scale it up a bit.

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