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Posted by crxmanpat | Apr 13, 2017 @ 04:50 PM | 60,833 Views
Been a while since I've started a new blog. A few weeks ago I picked up the Freewing 90mm Super Scale F-16C from Motion RC while I wait for their new twin 80mm A-10 to arrive. I have always loved the old school blue/yellow scheme that the 111FS of the Texas ANG did for their 90th Anniversary, and had planned to do this to a Phase 3 F-16, but never got around to it. So I decided to do this scheme on the Freewing bird.

The plane is built and painted, with most decals applied. But there were a few items that were oversized and I'm having them redone. The graphics come from Callie Graphics, and I highly recommend her for any of your needs regarding specialized markings. Her work is outstanding, and she's quick to fix any errors. I got mine in 1/10th scale, and all but a few lettering items, the size is perfect.

All of the painting was done with Testors rattle can, and she will get a total of 3 coats of Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic once the final declas have been applied.

Going completely stock on this one, and will use Turnigy Graphene 6S 5000 and RoaringTop 6S 5800 in her.

One of the detail items I did was paint all of the landing gear interior white.

Hopefully the maiden will be either this Sunday or next weekend.

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Posted by crxmanpat | Jul 08, 2012 @ 04:31 PM | 55,099 Views
EDIT!! - AS OF 11/30/14, NICO HOBBIES IS CLOSED. However, plans and build threads for most of the planes are still available at the links below.

Hello! My name is Pat Gagnon, and I'm the owner of Nico Hobbies, home of the mini pusher jet!

Nico Hobbies was founded in April 2009 by Adam Bradley ("adbradley") when he designed a profile F-22 Raptor similar to the one done by Tomas Helberg, but with several design changes including an 18" wingspan and made for 3mm depron vs 6mm. He also used a design by Jim Wagoner ("eliworm") to create a smaller F-15.

In February 2010, all assets of Nico Hobbies transfered to me when I purchased the company from Adam. At the time he also had an F-18 and Eurofighter in the works, and I finished them and made kits available. I have also expanded the line with several other planes that are either reduced copies of larger planes (reproduced with the original designers permission), or new designs I created from scratch. These are all part of the Mini Profile Series.

Nico Hobbies is expanding again to include two other series of planes; the Pocket Jet Series which is based on reduced size versions of Steve Shumate's ("jetset44)" planes (done with permission), and the Simple Build Series which are traditional-sized planes (~28" wingspan) and are all original designs of mine.

All of my kits are laser cut by JTechLaser (Jim Wagoner) here in Mesa, AZ. Kits include everything you need to build a plane,...Continue Reading