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Posted by annefernee | Nov 05, 2019 @ 08:04 AM | 728 Views
Zappy 120 build instructions

The aim is to create a high quality micro quad copter that can cater for LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) for both Freestyle and Racing, using best components for performance, reliability and durability with a total weight below 100 grams.
The target weight being the significant factor due to Australian CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) regulations. That being any drone at or under 100 grams is classified as a toy and is not bound by restricted flight rules and spaces, see article: “Flying drones or model aircraft recreationally” -
This means that this aircraft can be flown literally anywhere within Australia, in this case local parks. Note: always use common sense and demonstrate good ethical and social behavior when flying drones.

First Frame preparation you will need a few files (preferably diamond tipped hobby/craft files), face mask and rubber gloves.
Reshape the frame to reduce unnecessary carbon and most importantly reduce weight.

Original frame on the left and frame on the right has been filed down to remove the lugs on the outer edges and the 16mm screw pattern holes on the inside of the frame.

Filed frame overlaid above original frame to show removed carbon.
Side plate original on the left and filled side plate on the right hand side.

Note for the side that FC (Flight Controller) to ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) 6 pin plug, you...Continue Reading