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Posted by Flynn203 | May 17, 2020 @ 08:43 AM | 11,432 Views
I’ve always liked twin motor planes, as they offer many advantages for FPV – unobstructed view, usually plenty of space inside, and good load carrying capacity. My first was the old classic Twinstar, converted from brushed to brushless, but being such an old design, has a more cramped fuselage than most, but with such a large wing area, makes a good long range twin.

I have quite a few flying wings, mostly CTH, but wanted more performance on a budget. That typically means heavier motors and ESCs, but the Rebel 14 40” wing I was working on couldn’t take the weight. I had bought some T-motor F80 Pros to try, giving around 2000g thrust on 6S, but couldn’t achieve more than around 100mph. A friend had just bought a 3D printer, so I asked him to make up a couple of nacelles, thinking that with 2x 2000g thrust, I should be good for 125mph+.

The conversion used 2 x F80 Pro 1900kv motors at 38g, a pair of T-motor F45A-32bit 3-6S ESCs at 10g each, so the powertrain was less than 100g. Two GNB 550 mAh batteries would fit either side of the wing with a total weight of 750g. That worked – 135mph level flight with 6x4 APCs and a really easy launch.

With twice the power of a single motor, this conversion was a success, so what about a couple of other tricky to launch planes..

With the wings carefully measured, both planes were converted using printed nacelles and the same T-motor gear used in the wing. The Goblin was always a pig to launch, but on the first flight flew out of...Continue Reading