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Did you know OpenTx can help reduce some of your workload and help you get a plane tuned WHILE you're actually flying it? Did you know you can trim the plane with a single pull of a switch?

You can: And OpenTx can help.

Watch this OpenTx Tuner Setup Guide to see how you can perform in-flight tuning of control surfaces and trim the plane with a single switch.
OpenTx Tuner Setup: Easy RC Plane Maiden Flights! Radiomaster TX16s OpenTx Tutorial for Beginners (25 min 41 sec)

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Just a quick shout-out to all the Fusion 180 flyers out there to recommend installing protectors onto your LIPO balance leads. The protectors simplify unplugging the balance leads after charging without feeling like the wires are getting ripped loose from the connector.

Securing LIPO Balance Lead Under Fusion 180 Canopy (1 min 53 sec)

There are a wide variety of sites that sell these protectors. Following is a link to a vendor I went with:


Of course, the protectors are bulky and interfere with installing the canopy onto the heli! As a solution, I zip-tied a small loop of elastic string onto the front of the frame so that I can tuck-in the protector before putting on the canopy. The elastic loop really works well, it doesn't look ridiculous on the heli, and it doesn't get in the way of anything else under the canopy.

I haven't yet tried it, but I bet this will also work well with the Blade 150S, the 180CFX, as well as the Trio 180CFX.
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Eachine Mini F4U Corsair RTF Warbird with Gyro - Review Part 4 - Conclusion!

Eachine Mini F4U Corsair

Eachine Mini T-28 Trojan

Eachine Mini Mustang P51D

Volantex Sport Cub 500

RadioMaster TX16S Transmitter

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

This is another Great Micro Warbird from Eachine and well worth the money in my opinion.
It is a bit Nose Heavy out of the box but .75g of Tail Weight and it balances perfectly.
I think this Plane is a bit faster than the P51D and not quite as stable due to the Gull Wings.
It has a very Wide Flight Envelope but flying too slow will cause a Wing to Dip.
I like the weight of the 1S 360mah LIPO rather than the 1S 400mah LIPO in this Plane.
I need a bit more Elevator and Rudder Movement so I'll adjust the Linkage and Test it out again.
Part 4 of this Review will be Testing the Adjustments and then I'll state my Conclusion on this Warbird ;-)

Here is a link to the Playlist for the Eachine Mini F4U Corsair:

Here is a link to the Playlist for the Volantex Sport cub 500:

...Continue Reading
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It's all fun and games till you hit your friend in the eye. That, and so much more on this week's episode of the RLCLP Podcast!

See below for links to everything we've talked about this episode.

DJI Robomaster EP Core

Archer GR6:

ServoCity Hitec OEM Replacement Gear set for the HS-40 Economy Nano ELF DLG


Horizon Hobby RC Fest, OCTOBER 2 - 3 | ELI FIELD | MONTICELLO, IL

Coming August 9-13: the MultiGP Virtual Open

RealFlight and RCG Virtual Flyin

Soar Utah Event

St George Electric Festival

NEAT 2020

BEST 2020

SMALL 2020

PRODUCTS WE USE (affiliate links)






BATTERY (Derek’s Glider)



Episode 5: Friends, Flying, and Fixing (1 hr 9 min 9 sec)

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Episode 114: "Mixmaster Disaster" is now live!

In this episode, the whole gang is back together to talk about:
-E-flite Habu STS(3:40)
-FCC vs Hobby King (28:16)
-Fitz's travels (37:35)
-Lee's Cessna 337 flies! (47:05)
-Fitz's Mini BOT (1:19:40)
-Our suggested tools (1:32:52)

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.
We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, on twitter, or via email: [email protected].

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us an email: [email protected].
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Battery Flight time Calculator and distance speed time Calculator

for li-ion and lipo battery’s
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I got this one as a pre-order, the PNP version ... They finally switched to more efficient inrunners

Some pictures that have appeared on the internet are reposted below ...

Here's what the original looks like,

Mine will get repainted in a russian camo scheme, that Slovak Tiger digital camo on a MiG-29 looks a bit odd to me (plus I have enough boring gray planes ).

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CUAV NEO V2 Pro CAN GPS bus drone open source flight control high precision positioning module GNSS whole sale
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◄► Der starke Hans, Hans im Glück, etc.

All the "Hans" family of fairy tales transport us through time and space to THE SPECIAL CONDITIONS, which decided how things would look out , and what shape they took ..

Frankness identifies Hans .. It directs his steps, his Evolution, Fort-entwicklung, Cheminement ..

cheminer ~ آل إلى ~ become, evolve, devenir, werden, صار, sich entwickeln ..

Et le regard critique ? il s'agit, pour la vue, de conduire l'esprit au-dela du royaume de la vue : DANS CELUI DU SENS

Jean Starobinski, « Le Voile de Poppée ».

◄► Le regard critique DÉCHIFFRE LES MOTS pour accéder à l'intuition de LEUR PLEINE SIGNIFICATION ..

Une vigilance supplémentaire lui devient nécessaire, à partir de la première "lecture a vue", pour s'avancer à la rencontre D'UN SENS SECOND ..

Un long détour nous renvoie aux mots eux-mêmes, où LE SENS ELIT SA DEMEURE, et ou brille LE TRÉSOR MYSTÉRIEUX que l'on croyait devoir chercher dans la "dimension profonde" ..

◄► As said Jean Starobinski : Un long détour nous renvoie aux mots eux-mêmes, où LE SENS ELIT SA DEMEURE .. (حن) a élu sa demeure dans (حنا) ..

The word (حن) is commonly used to express feelings of compassion and pity, marked by kindness, leniency and goodness ..

Verb (حنا) = (sich beugen) ~ incline, bend down, se...Continue Reading
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For the latest incident on my growing list of mishaps, see my post here.
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I made a quick video explaining how to use the 9th channel on the Graupner S1019 receiver as a telemetry port. Most of us don't use 9 channels and might want to monitor your Lipo battery while flying using a Graupner voltage sensor.

Graupner Hott Receiver S1019 telemetry setup with voltage sensor 33631 (8 min 4 sec)

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Baja Buggy won't Start (7 min 42 sec)

this is my trouoble shootiunf when my baja not starting after so many pulls plz check the ideo and you can fic your baja also if you follow this
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Halloa people

coöperations are good / interesting I think and in this case the partyly product has a US originin (frame design) and then it is also made & sold by a Chinese company...

So there are 3 Twig's at this point.. a 3, 4 and 5".. in this case I'm taking a look at the 4" version of this BetaFPV Twig

Link to it: BetaFPV Twig Mutant 4-inch ultra light

And in this topic I'll be posting a couple of video's on this quadro..
Feel free to post Your experiences / questions!

BetaFPV + RacerXfpv = UltraLight Twig 4" MUTANT FPV Racer - FIRST LOOK (16 min 29 sec)

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Really love this engine. Hope there is a video for rc boat/ rc car by this engine.
Is there anyone like me who want to saw it?
Mini Gasoline Engine 2.6cc Water cooled (6 min 18 sec)

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The WL TOys 144001 is excellent value for money but there are a number of quirks, one of which is that the tyres are not especially grippy on much else than hard packed clay/dirt or carpet. I've found two sets of off-road tyres/wheels that are compatible with the 144001 in that they physically fit and just as importantly don't upset the gear ratio significantly. Here are my findings and more importantly recommendations:

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SJCAM SJ10pro Action Review:

After playing around with my SJCAM SJ10 10 action for a few days, I really feel that this Native 4K Action camera is really give Gopro Hero 8 and DJI OSMO a run their money.

As a serious Gopro contender, SJ10 picks up much needed slack after the lackluster launch of the SJ9 Strike.

The first impression is this sports camera has a very sturdy frame. Made from Polycarbonate and reinforced fiberglass with a rubberized matte black finish, the SJ10 is sturdy and shock resistant.

the SJ10 Action weighs 85 grams. The camera is waterproof for up to 10 meters without a waterproof case. You can add a waterproof case and take the SJ10pro up to 30 meters below!

Are you into FPV aerial / drone photography? The SJ10 supports FPV using the remote shutter and FPV av-out cable.

Want to mount the SJ10 Pro onto your motorcycle and speak into the audio using a Mic?

Just mount the external Mic accessory and begin recording native [email protected] video and crystal clear audio!

The SJ10 pro supports Dashcam mode so this can be used as car DVR for safety / insurance purposes.

Without further ado, let's delve into the SJ10 Pro Native 4k action Camera features.

SJCAM SJ10pro Action Native 4K Features:

- Waterproof body up to 10 meters. Dive down to 30 meters with the SJ10 Pro Waterproof Case accessory

- Record up to Native 4k at 60 frames per second. 4k/60fps

- Live stream your videos to Instagram and Tiktok

- Supersmooth Gyro...Continue Reading
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I really do like this little plane:
3rd Flight 3rd Crash 3rd Prop: HobbyKing MX2 3D EPP RC Plane (5 min 9 sec)

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A mate of mine recently had a laptop battery which was swollen to about three times its size – I was concerned it might pop and I only had my Bat Safe box to put it, leaving my own RC LiPos out of a suitable home. (I have LiPo bags but I prefer more solid protection). I realised I needed better battery storage options but due to the pandemic, freight to Australia has been limited and I was unable to buy any more Bat Safes….. so I decided it was time to make my own. It ended up costing me more than the commercial ones probably would have but I’ve got a lot more storage capacity for the price and the satisfaction of having done it myself…

I made a toolbox “Dual charger” version and some single Ammo Box versions so I can charge and store separately. This should minimise loss of batteries if one should go up and try to take any others with it.

I took some inspiration from posts here and on the web, supplies are what I can get hold of here in Australia, you would probably need to re-work the design/s depending on what you can get hold of locally. The main aim was in the event of a battery fire, to minimise the temperature of the outer container as much as possible and provide effective venting with suitable non-flammable materials.

For venting, I found some Galvanised Brick vents that have their own mesh built in and are just the right depth for 13mm glass wool “blankets”, all I needed was to find a way to cover with some stainless mesh, and attach to lids of either the...Continue Reading