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Posted by lycokayaker | Sep 23, 2015 @ 12:22 PM | 10,408 Views
just started 3 weeks ago and learned many lessons the hard way.

I bought an align trex 450 and dx6i on craigslist RTF. Previous owner said it was good to go and parts are readily available..... I had been wanting to get into the hobby for some time already had a simulator and was flying on that. It was a good deal from what I could see and took advantage of it.

ALWAYS check the setting in a radio regardless of whom your buying things from. I powered it up for the first time ready to use the heli hit the throttle hold switch and BOOM the heli took off for the sky. I admit I didn't do it correctly the first time but that time I got lucky. The previous owner for some reason had the throttle hold set for 50%. If I would have been checking the swash plate or some other adjustment I would have ended up in the hospital. Needless to saw broke some parts on the deal

The Trex 450 i found out was an obsolete and parts are hard to come by and what parts I can get come from Hong Kong. Always check to see what model the heli is I took the guys word even though he didn't know what model it was.

I attempted to fix it at this point and found out that the swash plate and other items were either way off balance or mounted correctly. Always go over the heli and check for balance and proper setup....

To sum it up from one beginner to a potential new beginner go over your stuff before your first flight. Look into what you are buying buy it from some where reputable or someone on here with good feedback. Join a club if you can and get someone to help you through it all.... I was trying to buy a heli on a deal and ended up spending way more than I would have if I would have bought a nice one on this forum or another......