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Posted by CaptJac | May 08, 2009 @ 12:46 PM | 13,827 Views
Author: Taking off With RC Helicopters - FAQ's 101 & 102

Updated July 10, 2016

Time sure fun when you having flies!!!

Started a Phoenix simulator flight school in April 2010. Lost count how many trainings - 100's each year. Each student has provided a little more insight on how to optimize training. Major motivator for me and great fun as well.

First heli - about 10 years ago - was a fixed pitch Aero Hawk. Dreams of being able to fly it went up in smoke at least 3 times. 2 years later saw someone flying a Trex-600 - started my head spinning all over again. Bought a Lama-V4 - six months later a CX2 - six months later a Belt CP. Learned how to fly the coaxes and fix the CP. First kit was a Trex-450. Maiden flight and flying instruction at the Jacksonville Florida flying club - learned more in 3 days than I learned in a year crashing the Belt-CP. Sold the Belt-CP on Ebay for $50

Hardly got off the ground for more than a minute at a time but it taught me how all the parts fit together and how to setup a CP heli. Replaced the Esky radio with a Futaba 6EX and a 6 channel receiver - gave me some hope.


First kit - NO written instructions - just diagrams - but they were exceptionally detailed and accurate. Finless Bob's videos also a gold mine of information - would have taken 10 times longer to build it without them. About 100 hours - conservative estimate -...Continue Reading