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SJCAM SJ10 Pro Video Resolutions & Full Product Description:

Since we weren't able to find a comprehensive list of SJ10 Pro's video resolutions and bitrates on the SJCAM website, we will list them out here in this blog for those who are interested in the SJ10pro.

Supported SJ10 Pro Video Resolutions:


4k UItra(3840*2160)24/30fps






Video Loop durations: 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes

SJ10 Pro Photo Resolutions:

12MP (4000*3000 4:3)

10MP (3648*2736 4:3)

8MP (3840*2160 16:9)

8MP (3264*2448 4:3)

5MP (2592*1944 4:3)

3MP (2048*1536 4:3)

2MP (1920*1080 16:9)

Video format: MP4

Photo format: JPG

Video Bitrate:

4K/60fps High quality 100Mbps Standard 60Mbps Economical 50Mbps

4K/30fps High quality 60Mbps Standard 40Mbps Economic 30Mbps

2.7K/30fps High quality 52Mbps Standard 34Mbps Economic 24Mbps

1080/60fps High quality 36Mbps Standard 30Mbps Economical 24Mbps

1080/30fps high quality 30Mbps standard 24Mbps Economic 18Mbps

720/240fps High quality 36Mbps Standard 30Mbps Economic 24Mbps

Video modes: video, loop video, slow video, video / photograph, car dashcam mode

Photo mode: photo, interval photo, continuous photo

Exposure mode: automatic, manual

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SJCAM SJ10pro Action Review:

After playing around with my SJCAM SJ10 10 action for a few days, I really feel that this Native 4K Action camera is really give Gopro Hero 8 and DJI OSMO a run their money.

As a serious Gopro contender, SJ10 picks up much needed slack after the lackluster launch of the SJ9 Strike.

The first impression is this sports camera has a very sturdy frame. Made from Polycarbonate and reinforced fiberglass with a rubberized matte black finish, the SJ10 is sturdy and shock resistant.

the SJ10 Action weighs 85 grams. The camera is waterproof for up to 10 meters without a waterproof case. You can add a waterproof case and take the SJ10pro up to 30 meters below!

Are you into FPV aerial / drone photography? The SJ10 supports FPV using the remote shutter and FPV av-out cable.

Want to mount the SJ10 Pro onto your motorcycle and speak into the audio using a Mic?

Just mount the external Mic accessory and begin recording native [email protected] video and crystal clear audio!

The SJ10 pro supports Dashcam mode so this can be used as car DVR for safety / insurance purposes.

Without further ado, let's delve into the SJ10 Pro Native 4k action Camera features.

SJCAM SJ10pro Action Native 4K Features:

- Waterproof body up to 10 meters. Dive down to 30 meters with the SJ10 Pro Waterproof Case accessory

- Record up to Native 4k at 60 frames per second. 4k/60fps

- Live stream your videos to Instagram and Tiktok

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We are already over halfway through the year 2020 and most of the World is still locked down. With many tourist destinations opening up in Europe and soon to be opening up in Asia, people are beginning to prepare their must-have travel adventure items. Which 4K Action camera would you recommend for travellers to take on their trip?

Some of the leading action camera brands like SJCAM and GoPro may come to mind. But which native 4k action camera do you own or which camera model is on your bucket list of cams to buy?

I will be receiving an SJCAM SJ10 Pro very soon for review. Are there any other models I should be asking to review?

While I am looking for Native 4k camera candidates, are there any interpolated 4k budget cams that do the trick by using optimized firmware?
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What the heck has SJCAM been up to? Last I heard SJ8 Pro was doing well. How have firmware updates for SJ5000x, M20, SJ6 Legend, SJ7 Star been? Maybe SJ will check this video out so let us know your firmware requests, reviews, and let us know which action cams are the best on the market now. I will put links to my RC Groups & DashcamTalk profiles in description if you like.

Feel free to PM me if you are an action camera or gadget manufacturer who would like to have your product reviewed.

How about the SJCAM ION series? Krypton, Totem, Carbon

2019 Best Action Camera? SJCAM vs Xiao Yi vs Eken vs GitUp vs ThiEye vs GoPro vs XiaoMi Reviews (2 min 37 sec)