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Posted by old4570 | Aug 04, 2020 @ 07:52 PM | 2,344 Views
R03 Mini Stick with 18650 (1 min 24 sec)

Yeah , 5 1/2 weeks to go till I can fly the R03 Mini Stick .

I put a 6x4E prop on and CG is much better .
All that needs doing is making a hole and tightening a screw . I have 5 and a half weeks to take care off that .
Posted by old4570 | Aug 03, 2020 @ 11:36 PM | 2,547 Views
Been playing with the lay out and trying to guesstimate the CG as best as possible .

Fuse is not covered as I need finger access to the guts .

146 grams as pictured ..

If I were to build one for Flying purposes ( Not pushing a 18650 into the equation )

Than a 1103 would not be out of the question and a 300mAh 2s and 100 grams + off thrust . For 1:1 or better .

I expect the finished weight to be a little over 150 grams ..

Power to weight ? Not that great !

We will see ! Gona be a long wait till we can recreational exercise ..
Are Melbournians Prisoners now ( House arrest ) Level 4 Lock down ..
1 Hour of exercise once a day , 23 hours of house arrest .
This premier is not getting re elected .
Protecting stupid people and punishing those who do the right thing .
Should be the other way around ? Right ? Punish the guilty not the innocent ?
What The CapitalF is happening to the world ? It's all backwards , what happened after WW2 ?
Did the Nazi's win ? I bet Hitler is spinning in his grave !

Oh !!!! The LG 3500 18650 comes in at 46.5 grams
Posted by old4570 | Aug 02, 2020 @ 02:22 AM | 3,388 Views
Looks like around 70 grams of thrust on 1s .
18650 carrier has been modified .
ESC is the Fatjay RS-7A 1-2s
Motor is 1811 3800kv
Prop will be 6x4 or 6x3

Push come to shove , I can 2s at a later date if needed with a Zippy 350 , or something .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 31, 2020 @ 01:09 AM | 3,869 Views
3 In one day !

I had almost given up on the Land , over one month to get here . The Ruike came from Queensland , found a seller with some very nice pricing .
Decided I had enough junk knives , so indulged myself with some Sandvick ( No , not ham and cheese - rather steel ) .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 29, 2020 @ 10:54 PM | 4,116 Views
Flying surfaces are covered in laminating film . Fuse is sanded ( mostly ) .

Still a few things that need doing , but for now the next step is working out the power system .

2s would be the easy route .. But I want that 18650 !

Plan is to put that battery carrier in the fuse ( glued ) and just pop in and out a 3500mAh 18650 .

First I need to find a motor / esc / prop combo that will give me decent thrust / power !

Once I have a motor ESC prop combo worked out I will cover the fuse and complete the model .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 29, 2020 @ 04:28 AM | 6,914 Views
There is no real hurry I guess , but still a little more needs doing .
Fuse needs sanding , and then I can hit the R03 with some laminating film .

Cheesy colour scheme , but I did not want it all clear .
I have made my mind up , it's going to be Aileron / Elevator
Posted by old4570 | Jul 27, 2020 @ 06:01 AM | 6,694 Views
A little work here and there and things start to come together .

A) Laser cut parts are really well cut . Half the time the parts almost fall out of the sheet of balsa .
B) Looks to be well designed , things are going together relatively straight ( A bonus )

On the fuse I used mostly medium Cyno , on the wing I used both thin and medium . Want joins to dry / bond quickly ? Use thin . Where you want more gap filling , use medium . Thick cyno ? , I have some but have not felt the need to use it .

Hopefully on the morrow I will complete gluing the wing .
Then I can sand and cover the R03 .

Part 3
Posted by old4570 | Jul 26, 2020 @ 12:04 AM | 6,944 Views
R03 mini stick un boxing (3 min 8 sec)

I dont like un boxings ! ( https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mK3EWyh2PC - product link )

Having said that , here is a un boxing video .

The box is strong , so should be shipping safe ( as much as it can be ) . No accounting for people sitting on packages (?)

The wood inside looks to be very decent , with nice laser cutting . And this is not an expensive kit .
Might be just the thing for those Covid 19 blues .
Just glue a little every day and before you know it , it's built !
I will build the air frame and see how the weight goes . Also do some motor / thrust tests and see if a single 18650 is feasible .
I do have those 1s ESC's after all and a bunch of small motors .

Part 2
Posted by old4570 | Jul 22, 2020 @ 08:37 PM | 4,433 Views
Came in the Snail Mail , my mini stick from BG > https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mK3EWyh2PC
( You wont catch Covid 19 clicking the link )

Been waiting on this kit for a while . Hmmm , what to do with this kit ( besides building it and flying it )
Should this be a 1s ( 18650 battery ) project . Would love to build something powered by a 18650 .
Might be time for some 1s power tests . I did buy some 1s ESC's after all .

3D printed plane is on hold !
After trust testing some motors ... One motor needs about a 8x4 prop to produce thrust , thats a lot of prop to swing around .
The other motor is much higher KV Butt !!! The motor mount fitted wont come off .
So I had to order a new motor , ==== More waiting !

Also waiting on some Rx , .. That LDARC 450x is waiting !

Seems I'm doing a lot of waiting !
Also today is tighter Covid 19 restrictions ...
The idiots are still out there . Can you really legislate against STUPID ?
History teaches us NO !

So I'm already bored ! Ok , the mini stick came . So I can start building a balsa model , my first in a very long time .

Speaking off . The box the kit came in is really sturdy , and the parts look to be very well packaged .
Might make a start on the mini stick this weekend ! As by then I should be really bored out of my mind !
No one wants a Unboxing video do they ?
Posted by old4570 | Jul 16, 2020 @ 11:09 PM | 4,982 Views

Super Cub Lives ...

Embarrassing to slap terrafirma like that !

It's Cold ! We had fog all morning , ......

At this time of the day all the people are out spreading Covid 19 . ( Sun Came out ) . Is social distancing really that hard ? Do you need a IQ off 120+ to be capable of doing such ?
Maybe I'm over thinking it , perhaps whats needed is a IQ of 80 or less ? ( Not to social distance ) .

Anyways , just a little ticked off nothing came in the Snail Mail ! I want my winter gloves and my scarf ( It's so damned cold in the morning ) . My fingers and my face are freezing when I go for a walk . This is our first proper winter in a long time . Till now they have been very mild !
I have gloves , but they fail @ 10deg C and bellow . This morning was like 3 deg C or lower . ( Brrrrrr ! )

I have gloves that have - 30 printed on them ( Wore them this morning ) , but tell my freezing fingers that the gloves have -30 printed on them . I guess temperature rated gloves are like Ebay batteries . They print what ever they want on them . Like those hard to find 4000mAh AA batteries .

Oh dear ! I want my stuff !
Posted by old4570 | Jul 16, 2020 @ 06:46 AM | 10,873 Views
Volantex Super Cub Crash (4 min 47 sec)

It's true ! I crashed the Super Cub !

I got all brave and rolled the cub onto it's back and tried to fly it inverted !

At first I could not keep the cub inverted , it would simply roll over ..
When I was able to finally keep the Cub on it's back , it simply hunted the ground till it found it's mark .
And yes I was pushing down elevator , as far as the gimbals would go .. Just hit the ground like a love sick house brick !

Thankfully the ground was so water soaked that it was more like a wet sponge than terrafirma .
One broken prop , one broken spinner and the cowl mounts came lose / broke lose ..

Repairs = One new prop balanced and set up , new spinner printed , and cowl mounts re glued .

Lesson = Super Cub ( mine ) will not fly inverted .
Just doing rolls the clue would have been how quickly the cub drops the nose when it gets on it's back .

During the crash I was concentrating on keeping the cub on it's back , and while I did notice it hunting the ground I kept pushing more and more down elevator which did little to correct the situation . Things happen quickly and by the time I thought about either pulling it out in a half loop or rolling it over terrafirma was upon me , there was only time to cut throttle .

And that's the how and why of my first RC plane crash in a very long time .

I guess I really wanted the cub to be super ! Never was the plan to see how sturdy it could be .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 15, 2020 @ 12:25 AM | 15,497 Views

https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GKvhWGDn9r > Something new and tempting !

What Protocol ?
Posted by old4570 | Jul 14, 2020 @ 04:07 AM | 4,949 Views
Assembly has started !
I am at the point where I have to think about the power plant ( motor ) .
Front section is only tapped on for the picture .

Ailerons needs doing !
Motor / ESC / Battery for CG and power .
The fuse seems tolerable for weight , but that wing is a house brick !

I have a motor , and I will have to test it first . I need thrust and a fair bit of it to haul this house brick !
This plane is not going to fly slow . And I thought the Super Kinetic was heavy !
Posted by old4570 | Jul 12, 2020 @ 01:39 AM | 6,526 Views
Most of the major parts are prinTED !
Now comes the assembly part of the project .
As mentioned previously I am starting the assembly from the beehive end of the plane and working my way forward .
The last part of the assembly will be the forward fuselage section .
Motor needs to be fitted
And work out that CG .
Also need to see about Thrust .. I have one motor thats big enough ( heavy for CG ) and hopefully make some power .

Weight ... 250 grams so far .. ( prinTED parts )

Those joins are going to be weak spots , do I need to do something *ugly ( functional but ugly ) like maybe some fibreglass reinforcement ?
Section 4 glued to section 3 was a real slop fit .. Needed a large rubber band to keep it together long enough for the cyno to dry . Not confidence building !
Maybe drill a hole and fit a carbon rod thru the fuse to hold it together like a pin ?

Posted by old4570 | Jul 10, 2020 @ 09:22 PM | 7,503 Views
Spirit 600 Maiden (5 min 11 sec)

Spirit 600mm Wing maiden = My 120 gram ( Wet ) model , been on the wall how long ? At last took it out for its maiden . ( Fantastic )

1306 Motor
450 2s battery
5g servos
5030 gemfan
120 grams flying weight .

PrinTED Wing 01 for that 3D printed plane .. Wow , took a long time to print , and the weight ? Those wing panels are stiff and strong and HEAVY .
Oh boy ! , no wonder this plane comes in close to half a kilo flying weight ?
Printing Wing 02 at the moment .
Honestly , this plane needs to go on a diet . ( It is going to be a HUGE PORK Chop )

Panels weigh ! 42.5 grams and 42.9 grams for 85.4 grams in total for a partial wing .
Still have panels 02 - 03 and 04 to do ...
Posted by old4570 | Jul 09, 2020 @ 10:42 PM | 7,518 Views
https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KK3YhT9ioc Ghost Wing 470mm
https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vmDhRu8ZjF Cessna 310
https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3GGdRw8IaO F22 720mm EDF
https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KvDhEu98og Extra 330 1000mm Balsa kit

LDARC 450x Wing .
This is the plug and play version with a flight control board .
Plug in a S bus Rx and go fly .

I have been so impressed by my 450x wings ( no flight control ) 2s Brush-less and 1s Brushed versions .. ( They fly great )
So I promised myself that as soon as the PNP was discounted I would buy one ..
And that was just recently .. Less than 100 ozzi bananas .
Hopefully get some more Rx ASAP .
If this thing flies stable and stability does a good job , I will put in a FPV camera .

Ooops . printing the wing right now . A long , long ............................ Long ! print time for the wing .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 06, 2020 @ 07:14 PM | 6,681 Views

The fuselage is prinTED and I have mixed feelings about it .

Fuse 01 = 26.8 grams ..
A) Came out of the printer OK , looks ok ! The tabs used for joining Fuse 01 to Fuse 02 are fragile and under engineered . Pictured is carbon rod re-enforcement . The bottom tabs have already broken off . Fuse 01 is strong , really strong .
B) There are certain design flaws aside from the weak joining tabs . The motor .. Has to go in before you glue the fuse and then what ? If the screws come lose how do you tighten them after assembly ? Obviously you need to break the damned thing .
C) Weight . Cant get past the fact that there is a lot of weight here for good or bad .

Fuse 02 = 17.7 grams
A) Little to complain about here , possibly the best thought out part

Fuse 03 = 18 grams
A) Seriously strong , possibly overly engineered and heavy for it's size .

Fuse 04 = 20.3 grams
A) Porky Pig .. Again I think over engineered and seriously over weight .
B) The joining tab is way short , this is a design flaw ( in my opinion ) and creates a weak point .
C) ???? I dont know about the tail section ...

Over all , it's probably the most refined model out there for free . ( Printable ) But if we do the maths
26.8 + 17.7 + 18 + 20.3 = 82.8 grams ..

And thats just the Fuse ...
I dont think I have a motor that can fit and pull a house brick at the moment .
Sort of Ho humming continuing , but I think I have to ..
Pictured = I fitted a small motor and folding prop , but they only do about 150 grams thrust as a combo .
To fly this safely , I would assume at least a minimum of 250 grams of thrust ..
If this really has a projected weight of 450 grams .. Thats a lot of weight .
I think you want it a lot lighter than that . But you may need a lot of motor to compensate for the heavy ass on this plane ( CG )

Posted by old4570 | Jul 05, 2020 @ 09:44 PM | 7,278 Views
My 3D printer has been idle for some time so I thought it was time to do that 3D printed plane thing .
Problem is , finding something that I want to print . Is going to be small and light enough to play with .
And no such animal exists !

I downloaded a lot of planes off Thingiverse , but most are incomplete . ( Not ready to print )
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3358880 = This is the one I am printing out !
Completed fuse 01 last night , and am doing fuse 02 now . ( 74% complete )

Will see ...

Wingspan: 720 mm (920 mm when using Big Wing version)
Length: 578 mm
Est. weight: 450 g ( A little Porky Pig ) and is that flying weight or prinTED weight ?
CG: 26 mm
Posted by old4570 | Jul 02, 2020 @ 09:41 PM | 3,454 Views
6x4E Prop = 4.27 grams ( For OMPHobby S720 ? )
Factory prop comes in at 2.41 grams .. That really is a significant difference . Especially for gyroscopic effect .

X-BOSS Receiver ( AC900 )
Apparently does both S-FHSS and D16 FrSky .

I saw this Rx some time ago , but at the time had no need of S.bus , now I find myself in need of such .

So hopefully will be playing with this one soon .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 01, 2020 @ 08:20 PM | 5,932 Views
OMPHobby S720 in the wind (5 min 13 sec)
= OMPHobby S720 with Carbon 6x3 Full video

Walkera QR W100s (1 min 40 sec)
...Continue Reading