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Hello good people!

Like the title says, it was a nose-in from 4 feet onto soft grass.

This happened back on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 at my RC Club and during a 2nd flight focus on landing. I was steady with the controls, especially Elevator control and without moving the stick, it just dived from 4 feet off the deck. Motor stick (8 mm X 10mm) was busted and right inboard top wing sustained a crack / rip. Propeller didn't break (GWS Slow Flyer 8 X 6).

Post crash (hard landing) investigation was undetermined as you all know during a good whack into a nose first crash the Elevator servo usually gets damaged. Well, the strange thing was after making air-frame repairs I took off the wing assembly from the FUSE and tried out the electronics while connecting the battery and observed the Elevator servo making this awful buzzing sound. After you moved the Elevator stick on the Transmitter was when it quit the buzzing and servo moved correctly to both directions.

I went ahead and changed out the 72-Mhz Castle Creations BERG 4-Channel receiver for the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT combo as this is in my opinion the best receiver that Horizon has ever made and wanted rock solid control from now on with my beloved and long discontinued GWS pico Tiger Moth. Even after I replaced RX to the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT, the Elevator servo continued it's buzzing and this time it was not until I turned ON my Spektrum first generation DX7se (Special Edition) that supports 11milli-second frame...Continue Reading
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Hello good people,

This Flight Line model is just an amazing looking model for being Foam and 6 + lbs fully flight ready as it comes with just an amazing scale details already molded in the foam and best the retractable main and tail wheel gear using a sequencer board.

Well, let me tell you of this sequencer board that controls the mains and tail wheel retracts and the retract hardware My RC Club President had already flown this model about 6 flights before I came to fly at the RC Club and on his 2nd flight that morning he attempted to land and slowed the model with too much flaps and slightly and gently bounced on the textile runway and lifted off again. He quickly powered ON and the model zoomed upward due to the enormous 3-blade propeller that produces just gobs of thrust. In doing so, we all noticed that the Right Main retract went UP position unsolicited and the Left main retract maintained a Down gear position.

Needless to say, my RC Club President struggled to get the Right main gear back down and nothing. He came as slowly as possible and landed on just the Left main gear and keeping opposite rudder to keep the Right wing off the ground as much as possible but, the gear doors ripped off on landing.

Upon post landing investigations, both main gear retracts seemed to have been taken off some internal gear track. No matter what you did with the gear switch only the tail wheel retract worked.

This is not a cheap model and it is my opinion that all...Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

This adventure starts over at:

Some mods:


Tuesday early morning was perfect conditions for the maiden flight of my Hobby King SLICK 3D, 1300mm wing span and tipping the digital scale right at 4.1 lbs using the larger GFORCE Elite Series 4-Cell, 4,000mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer Battery pack. The model without any battery pack tips the digital scale right at 3lbs - 7 ounces.

The SLICK did fly for it's very first flight using the lighter 3-Cell, GEN ACES 2600mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer battery pack that brought the model to under 4lbs, however, it needed full throttle to take off but, once airborne I was able to throttle back and the model got to step with good airspeed.

Therefore, the model in total flew for 4 flights, two with the 3-Cells and another two flights using the 4-Cells packs.

At the time, I really didn't know why the model at times made an unsolicited nose down movement during level flight and passing the pilots station which of course was much more noticeable. It performed excellent Knife Edge flight without any coupling and Cuban 8's were effortless and a pleasure, especially with the 4-Cell battery packs.

Using the 3-Cells, I noticed that I could fly the model for over 6-minutes as the AMP draw was much less than 30-AMPs and about 250 Watts using that Wooden Master...Continue Reading
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Well, it is now a matter of good weather forecast here in Central Florida to maiden my Hobby King SLICK 3D 1300mm model.

Again, I am a Scale / Sport flyer and modeler and just could not stand an airplane as nice looking as this without a Pilot Figure. The Pilot Bust had to be pretty large scale and I looked and looked and found one that matches and pretty light considering it's size! I did find a nice Snoopy Pilot Bust but, it was a little too large, perhaps one day I will acquire a larger SLICK to use this Snoopy?

Yes, I have setup dual rates and expo and will look forward in using all settings but, for now I will try and get it in the Air on it's wing without trying anything too extreme and especially 3D.

The only thing that remains is measuring WATTs / AMPs / Under Load Voltage of the Power System given the two different battery packs that I have selected which is the GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2600mAH, 45C and the GFORCE Elite Series with Nonotech Additives 4-Cell, 4000mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer batteries.

A few pictures!...Continue Reading
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Looked over the Motor Box and since I needed some tiny weight up front to make Center-Of-Gravity thing perfect, I decided to re-enforce the Motor Box and provide additional cradle for the battery.

My main goals is to keep the battery from coming in contact with the motor securing bolts as I do not want a FIRE should the model comes down slightly nose first. I am going to place additional vertical Bass Wood planks in front of the 12 X 12mm solid wood posts as shown in the pictures. The Bass Wood planks will have some medium hardness foam glued to the vertical planks so, there be cushion and absorption of any possible impact going forward.

Here I am doing two things, re-enforcing the Motor Box and providing a method of keeping the battery pack from being damaged.

I am horrified as to how many 3D models are built this manner and no one seems to take the time to do this and protect the battery from the attaching motor bolts, in case of a slight impact.
================================================== =================================================
EDIT: July 13th, 2020

It is my thoughts that the exact manner in which I planned to mitigate any hazard for the battery has been successfully accomplished in keeping it from the rearward motor shaft and securing motor bolts in case of a slight nose in impact. Of course, this will not save anything in case of a catastrophic "crash" that is perhaps unavoidable due to pilot error or radio glitch...Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

Lord have mercy! I purchased this used ARF Airframe almost 2 years ago!

It just been hanging around my Master Bedroom as a static model, well no more!

Back in September 2018, I was lucky to pickup one of these ARF 360 3D, 51.2 Inch wing span model.

Our Michael Wargo can attest, I am NOT a 3D flyer and more like a pattern, sport RC Airplane Flyer (relax) and do not get into any serious discussion of specific maneuvers etc...etc.....

For me, it was the right size and weight category to use light, yet powerful Outrunner brushless motor since I like to keep all of my 3D models as light as possible. I have heavier RC models such as flying my Scale Hangar9 F4-1D Corsair 50-size Electric at 7.7lbs. and well that's an entirely different topic. (See my Avatar Picture).

Okay, here's my setup::

Power System:
- Exceed-RC's Monster Power Series - Monster Power 25 (63M52)

Kv: 870Kv ; Input Watts: 550W
Resistance: .03 ohms; Idle Current: 2.40A
Continuous Current: 32A; Max Burst Current: 44A
Cells Ni-Cd/Ni-MH: 10-14; Cells Li-Po: 3-4
Weight: 6.0 oz (170g); Overall Diameter: 1.4 in (35mm)
Shaft Diameter: 4mm; Overall Length: 48mm

ESC: E-Flite 40-AMP Lite Pro (V2).

I have pretty much have Hitec HS-85MG for Elevator & HS-85BB for rudder plus HS-82BB+ for the ailerons.

Propeller to start will be a wooden Master Airscrew 10 X 6

Battery to start will be the GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2600mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer pack (new).

Dual Rates to my liking and followed the setups from another model in conservative values to start.

The Receiver is the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT.

It all started over here!

It will be until Monday as Central Florida is getting lots of rain and thunder storms, I guess we are in Summer!
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Hello good people,

Just sharing some experience with swapping over a good frontal bearing from a spare motor to my favorite motor that developed an issue with it's Frontal Motor Bearing. The spare motor was actually on this recently acquired Park Zone T-28 Trojan with retracts and noticed that my Batteries were coming a little warm, usually they come down luke warm. Please NOTE that the motor that came with this recently acquired Trojan did NOT have the Bad Frontal Motor Bearing issue.

Took apart both motors and with a little planning and caution, the parts were secured carefully. Both motor frontal bearings were taken out by lightly tapping them out with a wooded dowel and tested the bad bearing on the rotation bell of one motor and sure enough it made a rattle of a noise. (Video).

Swapped the good frontal bearing to my favorite (Stator) Park Zone 480 motor that always gives good performance and low AMP draw using the Master Airscrew 10 X 7 X 3. Static testing after putting together the flight motor yielded very good power:

EDIT: I found a good article about Brushless Motors at:

FULL THROTTLE: 183 WATTs / 17.3 AMPs / 10.7 Volts

On Tuesday (07-07-2020), I flew this recently acquired PZ Trojan from a local friend and it performed very well with very good airspeed but, again the batteries seemed to come down a little warmer than expected. I do hope that using my favorite Stator (Motor) would give better...Continue Reading
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My Lord, it has been almost 10 long years and my Slow Stick-X using GWS Slow Stick Parts has survived!

I recently flew it about a week ago (during the weekend) at my RC Club using a HIMAX Inrunner Brushless with the HIMAX gearbox. The issue was I could not keep the propeller on the output gearbox shaft. Perhaps I needed one more additional washer and use sand paper on that Spur Gear Output shaft, nonetheless, I went back to basics as I wanted a power system that gave it respectable airspeed but, with LONG Flight Times.

Therefore, I came to a complete circle of sorts and found my original ASTRO FLIGHT mightly mirco 010 14-turn inrunner brushless and found a GWS EPS-300/350 gearbox and installed the GWS "B" Spur gear which makes 4.43:1 reduction.

Placed a GWS Slow Flyer (Orange Propeller) EP9070 which is a 9 X 7 propeller.

Performed numerous repairs on the wing and from a previous crash that occurred over 10 years ago and recorded right here somewhere under the Handle "Guapoman2000."

Okay, today it flew super early morning over at my RC Club and what a delight! It satisfied all requirements to the T. Very good airspeed and just an awesome almost 9 minutes and the Thunder Power 3-Cell, 1350mAH, 25C still had 11.98 Volts after the flight from a fully charged 12.5Volts state.

I believe that I could have flown for an additional 5 minutes with mix throttle and would have reached around 11.6 Volts from the Battery pack. Next time I will gradually increase flight times, land and measure then, repeat after fully charge and fly a little longer etc... etc...

For Pictures go to:

For Watts / AMPs / Volts measurement:

Thanks for watching!
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Quiet Time of Remembrance

A rather quiet time for me was this past May 11th, as it marks the last time my assigned Space Shuttle was powered down for the Last Time.

This date marks a significant time when Space Shuttle Endeavor (Tail number OV-105) was powered down for it's final time on May 11th, 2011. This marked 19 years of service and this magnificent spacecraft managed to accumulate more than 123 million miles and over 25 flights, far few for it's projected service life design.

No matter what you think about the Space Shuttle era or the overall program, to me it was my blood, sweat and tears. Although it may have not contributed to my divorce directly it certainly had an impact because of the hours (Shift work) and travel I was asked to support this program. After so many years being Divorce from the mother of my two wonderful daughters, I believe they have grown to understand my plight of my selection of work as an Aerospace Engineer during this time period and supporting the Space Shuttle Program.

So, now we come to terms today. A soft whisper while half asleep at my keyboard saying it was worth it. To see such a magnificent vehicle like the Space Shuttle to rise up from a sketch during the late 1970's and to become one of the robust space vehicles known to man. Most especially being part of the initial efforts to bring Space Shuttle Endeavor to active duty as a viable spacecraft.

Yes, tragically, we lost two (2) vehicle, the Challenger (Tail Number OV-99)...Continue Reading
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Today at our Fun Fly over at Moon Port Modelers RC Club, Titusville, Florida .... I won the Model Raffle and guess what it was????

Yes! You guessed it, the Great Planes G-44 Widgeon!

It came Ready to Fly - Receiver Ready!!

Anyone has suggestions?

I was totally shocked on how much they are asking for a new one in the BOX!


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Hello good people!

Reporting in to inform that I was totally successful in re-maiden my Hangar9 F4U-1D 50 size Corsair Electric!
Was rather windy but this almost 8-pound RC model was not affected in the least! Wind was straight down the runway from the South and it helped in landings as this model has no flaps and really doesn’t need them.

For those that have NOT been following my Repair Adventures on this model then, here are the links to follow along:




All it required was two clicks of down trim!

The F4U Corsair was flown with the 5-Cell, 4,000mAH 30C Turnigy and two 4-Cell, 4000mAH 30C GForce Elite Series Lithium Polymers!

It was a delightful Wednesday morning and stayed about 3 hours!
EDIT: 05-21-2020

Hello again!

Providing some Flight Characteristics using the 4-Cell versus the 5-Cell, 4,000mAH 30C Lithium Polymer battery packs.

The typical flight duration was 6 minutes each flight and the attached pictures show the Post "Resting Voltage" of each Battery pack after 6 minute flight.

The 4-Cell packs provided a lighter feel of the model and was comfortable with slower flight and maneuvers while at a slower flight routine....Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

Was super lucky and acquired a super nice and Brand New (In-the-Box) Hangar9 F22 Raptor PTS. This is the Gray version and it came in record time all the way from White Rock, New Mexico via FEDEX Ground and came one day earlier (on a Saturday)!

This one will be Electric as well!
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Hello good people!

Happy Friday!

After a little over two (2) weeks, off and on, in-between work, home and family obligations I have finally got my beloved Hangar9 F4U-1D 50-size Corsair Electric powered RC Model all flight worthy after extensive checks and verification of structure, covering and control surfaces plus retract function. Here's the Video:

For beginning of repairs you can go to:

For additional Repairs Posted:

Hangar9 F4U 1D 50 Size Post Right Wing Repairs and Electric Motor Box Repairs 05 08 2020 (2 min 12 sec)

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Okay, good people! Decided to keep working on my beloved (discontinued) Hangar9 F4U-1D 50-size Electric and started on the damages on the FUSE which thankfully were just Electric Motor Box damages during the one year ago crash contact with the Right Wing Assembly and that ugly tree on final approach.

As you will see in the following pictures, the FUSE really came out great during that crash (This is a very strong model).

Pictures of the reconstruction / repairs of the Electric Motor box with comments.

Soon I will installed the Master Airscrew 3-Blade Propeller (13 X 8 X 3) and run up the Model Motors AXI 4120/18 brushless....Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

One year ago my beloved Hangar9 F4U-1D Corsair 50 size hit the tree on the North side of the field where most of the trees are located. Fortunately the model landed after spinning for several rotations on its mains without any further damage except the right 1/4 end wing section.

Got too close on approach! This is a super strong model. The right tip wing section got ripped clean off. I have finally repaired it nice and slowly. Ribs that are cracked first and glued in re-enforcement ribs (custom cut from scratch) and repaired (reconstructed) the twin spars etc...etc... yes, sheeting was replaced last.

If I would have taken off the crushed / cracked balsa sheeting first, I would have never would been able to repair as the remaining Ribs were cracked and fragile. Had to maintain the stock / remaining Ribs in order to reconstruct this Right wing section.

Another TIP "is" make sure you get whatever Rib section to allow for future Sheeting to be able to sit flush with the remaining undamaged sheeting!

I used Gorilla Wood Glue (White) and Elmer's Wood Filler (Natural) for filling small holes and slight imperfections.

With the exception of some nicks on the edge of Right Wing Aileron and other small imperfections, I truly believe that this is way better than what I anticipated. She looks great and at least I will still have the brand new in-the-box ARF for that complete disaster crash and not a minor clean break of the right wing...Continue Reading
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I can honestly say that I almost changed out the motor (Emax BL3526/04) a 860Kv motor with very good specifications that allows up to 5-Cells (18.5 Volts nominal), however, I found a few articles on how to glue back in the lose Magnet from the rotor (rotating bell housing) that contains all of the rotor's magnets.


This was possible because after careful disassembly I found ZERO damage inside the motor and inspection was possible using 30X times magnifying glass (Hand held). The Stator's windings at ALL Poles looked great and sounded great on subsequent test run.

After allowing the Gorilla "Clear" Glue to cure all of it's 24-hours as specified per instructions the motor test looked and sounded very good, like new. I am sharing a few pictures of my model's issue with this motor and I will be now going to fly it with the GForce Elite Series 4-Cells, 4000mAH, 30C Lithium Polymer packs.

High Res Pics!

Video Showing - AVOIDING DISASTER (Loose Motor Magnet!)
Hangar9 F22 Raptor Flight Avoding Disaster Lose Motor Magnet 03 15 2020 (3 min 54 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Just an amazing Prop Jet model, especially with the Electric Power System. It has been perhaps 2 years that I have not flown it so, I got the step stool and lower it down from hanging all this time. Dusted it off and checked all systems and afterwards, headed to Moon Port on Sunday, 01-26-2020. It flew for 3 flights and didn't disappoint!

A Few high resolution and wide bandwidth pictures can be seen at:

Enjoy the Video below.

Hangar9 F22 Raptor Glow-to-Electric Conversion 01-26-2020 (2 min 51 sec)

Here is an example of the speed of this Prop Jet can attain.
Hangar9 F22 Raptor Maiden Flight FAST PASS 10 25 2015 (0 min 6 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

It has been nine (9+) years and it is still flying nicely! Time and the sun has taken it's toll and soon a re-covering will be in order.

I purchased this from a very nice gentleman from Brooksville, Florida and who I still purchase models from to this day.


It has been a long time and just can't believe this model still places a BIG smile on my face!

For High Resolution Pictures go to: