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Posted by Nickerz | Jun 22, 2020 @ 09:20 PM | 5,014 Views
This afternoon, around 2:45pm PST, I bought the COX 049 CESSNA 182 SKYLANE off eBay! Total paid was...

$150.00 (Plane Kit)
$26.30 (Shipping)
$11.96 (Tax)
$20.00 (1x PayPal Credit Promo Discount)
$168.26 (Grand Total)

This listing was NIOB (New In Open Box) and includes everything with it. It had a Buy It Now price of $169.99 but I offered $150 and it was accepted. eBay shows the estimated delivery date 7/2.

As far as nostalgia goes, I never owned this plane but I always REALLY liked the look of it! In fact, in my unboxing video for my COX R/C E-Z Bee, I noticed it included the original COX folded catalog - which for that time (around 1988) this Cessna hadn't come out yet but the catalog said it's "coming soon" and in my video I even say how I would have bought this plane instead of my E-Z Bee if it was available.

I've seen others on eBay going for more money than this BRAND SPANKIN' NEW ONE I just bought! Even now, there is an eBay listing for a used, beat up, missing parts going for $202.75 and the description even says "this kit may not be complete. SOLD AS IS." so go figure but the one I bought is all sealed and even the box looks to be in MINT condition!

So here are the pics from the eBay listing and of course I'll post my own pics along with an unboxing video when it arrives next week in July! Is it really going to be July already!?

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Posted by Nickerz | May 28, 2020 @ 11:32 PM | 3,572 Views
This morning, I bought a 2nd Great Planes PT-40 but this is the original PT-40 that came out around 1987 I think (whereas version 2, the MKII came out around 2008) and I bought this original version 1 from an member. Total paid was...

$100.00 (Plane ARF Kit, Engine & Radio!)
$Free (Shipping)
$N/A (Tax)
$100.00 (Grand Total)

This is NIB and I wanted this to keep for nostalgic reasons since this is technically the plane I viewed in the two videos I had as a kid and wanted to buy back then but I felt building it would have been a little more than I was ready for. So now I have that chance and I got such a great deal on this as they go for $250+ on eBay! USPS shows the delivery date between TBD...

Here is the original classified ad...

I already have an engine for it too (NIB O.S. MAX .40-FP which is the original engine recommended in the manual and in the videos I watched as a kid!) I'll take pics and do an unboxing video once I get it. Here's a pic from the seller...

Posted by Nickerz | May 07, 2020 @ 12:17 AM | 6,636 Views
Tonight, around 9:45pm PST, I bought the Great Planes PT-40 MK II off eBay! Total paid was...

$94.99 (Plane Kit)
$41.88 (Free Shipping)
$7.58 (Tax)
$144.45 (Grand Total)

This listing was NIB (New In Box) listed as "Never Opened" from Samson RC Hobby Shop out of Missouri (apparently "Mid Missouri's Largest Hobby Shop". A member on here was selling this same exact plane for $125 but also wanted me to pay shipping so I'd rather buy a never opened plane from a hobby shop. eBay shows the estimated delivery date between 5/11 - 5/19...

So, after all these years, I finally bought the PT-40! I watched videos on how to build and fly this plane (see my blog about it here... and here...) but I never ended up buying it so how about now! eBay was selling the PT-40 ARF for $350! btw so no thank you! Then there was another one that you build like this one selling for $250! So I think I got a steal for less than $150 after shipping and tax! plus the MK II was upgraded with stronger building material and landing gear hardware, etc. otherwise it's the same kit as MK I (red/white).

Here are some pics from the eBay listing and I'll post more when it arrives with an unboxing video...

And here are some pics from a 2014 Tower Talk Catalog when they were still selling it...
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Posted by Nickerz | Apr 20, 2020 @ 12:46 AM | 5,982 Views
This afternoon, around 2pm PST, I bought the COX R/C E-Z Bee off eBay! Total paid was...

$225.00 (Plane Kit)
$0.00 (Free Shipping)
$17.94 (Tax)
$242.94 (Grand Total)

This listing was NIOB (New In Open Box) and included everything with it. It was still more than what I wanted to pay but it was originally listed for $269.99, I offered $175 which was declined, then I offered $200 and they countered with $225. eBay shows the estimated delivery date 4/27.

For nostalgic reasons, this plane was a very special memory for me since it was my very first RC plane ever, so that's why I was willing to pay more for it. However, it didn't end with good memories but I'm hoping I can change that now that I'm older and more experienced in the hobby. Back when I was maybe 11-12 years old, I bought it at my local Price Club (like a Costco back then). My dad and I couldn't get it to start so we took it to a LHS and after trying different fuel, new glow plugs, he couldn't even get it to start so I ended up returning it to the Price Club and I got all my money back. Not sure why I didn't try buying another plane but most likely I was discouraged with the experience as a kid and wasn't patient enough to have to go through that again. Later I ended up buying the Duraplane II which I got to fly once, it crashed, then I bought a proper trainer plane (Royal-Air 20T), joined the AMA and my local flying club and I was flying and having a blast! I was hooked and I've loved flying to this day.

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Posted by Nickerz | Apr 14, 2020 @ 01:57 AM | 7,323 Views
Late this morning, I bought a Royal Air 20T off eBay. Total paid was...

$150 (Plane ARF Kit)
$14.16 (Shipping)
$12.12 (Tax)
$176.28 (Grand Total)

This happened to be a plane NIB, original packaging and apparently was from an estate sale. eBay shows the delivery date between 4/21-4/28.

This plane was special to me as it was my first plane I trained on after joining the AMA and then my local flying club. I remember having an O.S. .25 engine in it. My flight instructor at that time was great, patient and helped me get it balanced, trimmed out and flying and it flew great! He had a son who was a few years younger than me and was a skilled flyer, flying inverted a few feet off the ground and he was only like 9 or 10 years old. So him and I got along really well. One time, I remember us rigging a plastic cup, inserting a pop sickle stick at the bottom and securing it under the rubber bands that attach the wing to the fuse. Then we would put little rocks in there and flip the plane upside down! Kids up to mischief - lol, good times!!!

One day, I lost signal and it ended up crashing but it wasn't bad at all. So I took it to my neighbor's house (who used to own a hobby shop) and he helped fix it but I ended up leaving it in his garage (my fault) and when I moved away, I forgot it, everything, the flight box, radio, starter, plane.

So now I'm glad I can get this plane again and I'll see how she flies!!! Can't wait and I'll be sure to update my blog...

Here are some pics from the eBay sale...

Posted by Nickerz | Apr 14, 2020 @ 01:54 AM | 6,200 Views
I'll try to keep updating this post with newer planes so here's my list for now...

Last week, I was trying to think of the first electric RC plane I bought. Then I started thinking of the VERY FIRST plane I ever bought from when I started in RC. So here is my list that I remember, going back to when I first started becoming interested in RC airplanes around the age of 10-11 years old...

I put them in the order I bought them...

01. COX: R/C E-Z Bee (VERY 1st RC Airplane! Bought From Price Club)

02. Duracraft: DuraPlane II

03. Royal: Royal-Air 20T (1st I Trained On After Joining AMA & Flying Club)

04. Hobbyzone: Firebird Commander RTF (1st Electric Plane-Still Own It, Original Box & Everything!)

05. Hobbico: Superstar EP RTF

06. World Models: Super Frontier-40 (Blue) Given to me by my best friend

07. GWS: Pico Tiger Moth ARF Slow Flyer (Still Own It, Original Box & Everything. Hanging In My Office)

08. Parkzone: T-28 Trojan RTF

09. Parkzone: Spitfire Mk IIB RTF

10. Parkzone: F-27B Stryker RTF

11. Unkown Brand: F-15 Eagle RTF (Given to me by my best friend)

12. Parkzone: Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan RTF (x3)

13. Durafly: T-28 Trojan 1100mm (PNF)

14. Parkzone: Ultra Micro ICON A5

15. Hobbyzone: Super Cub S 1.2m RTF w/SAFE

16. Hobbyzone: Sport Cub S

17. E-flite: Pawnee Brave Night Flyer

18. E-flite: UMX PITTS S-1S

19. E-flite: Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2m (x2)

20. E-flite: Cirrus SR22T 1.5m BNF (x2)

21. Durafly: T-28 Trojan 1100mm (PNF) Yellow Marines

22. AVIOS: C-130 Blue Angels 1600mm

23. E-flite: UMX Turbo Timber

24. Royal: Royal-Air 20T (Purchased From eBay. 2nd Time Owning It, Still NIB! Looking For Another One To Fly & Keep This NIB…)

25. COX: R/C E-Z Bee (Purchased From eBay. 2nd Time Owning It, Still NIB! Looking For Another One To Fly & Keep This NIB…)

26. Royal: Royal-Air 20T (Purchased From RCG Member, 3rd Time Owning It, Still NIB! Want To Fly This One & Keep Other One NIB…)

27. Great Planes: PT-40 MKII (Version 2, Updated From Original)

28. COX: 049 Cessna 182 Skylane