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Posted by rcsuperhero | Jul 13, 2020 @ 01:43 AM | 4,050 Views
*Good news * No GREAT RC NEWS!! The amazing pristine large white foam sheets called Depron ( yes from the original German factory)

ATTENTION - I just paid for an entire 20 foot shipping container of Depron to come to the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This FIRST (OF MANY) shipment has 90 cases of 3mm White Depron and 90 cases of 6mm White Depron

***************should be available for sale Sept 1st 2020******************and FINALLY at LOWER PRICES!!!

A website is now being created for it... ( Lord provide it clears customs on time!!)

I've purchased several domain names that will be linked to it ( when the site is up ) depronking.com / RCdepron.com / Depron.Sales / RChero.com

The 2020 depron samples I received from the factory look very impressive and Very slightly lighter! (To Me) The samples satiny finish looked equal or better than what www.rcfoam.com sold me years ago. In Europe this product is being "marketed" as floor underlay insulation (it's good stuff!). They say they can't make it fast enough! It was a REAL challenge convincing then to sell it to me!! The 5 minute epoxy & UHU glue tests I performed on my samples proved to have a Strong bond! I'm excited to get my shipment in and to start building depron models again!! Depron Importer: Greg Tanous Lasering LLC
Posted by rcsuperhero | Jun 04, 2011 @ 09:42 PM | 10,614 Views
One of the most unique and awesome flying planes out! PDFs will be available again mid april at http://www.rcsuperhero.com, kits can still be purchased (expensive but worth every cent!)
The Original RcSuperhero.com plane.First shown in the feb 12 2010 youtube video http://www.youtube.com/user/borntafl...26/4kDC5J33eooPlease support the "original designer" Greg Tanous and the copyrighted and trademarked (patient pending) rcsuperhero design. I have 7K+ invested
($30,000. if you include my laser machine) and 12 years designing flying people -and dozens copyrights to prove it. THANK YOUR FOR YOU SUPPORT!
Question -are the RcSuperhero's hard to make?
Answer -No -but previous RC Modeling experience is a good thing!
The planes are made of foam and coroplast-
both can be easily cut with a new exacto blade.
-if you can't cut the light ply motor mount -I can sell you a laser cut one and control horns too!
-The construction method is unique because the plane is unique-that said the self aligning design and 200 plus build photos and captions will help you through it easily -if not give me a call on the phone! Im happy to help.

A friend of mine, I call him Imac Darren (OMAS)-Because he is one of the best RC competition pilots in our area (Oregon), said he noticed when a standard looking plane is in the sky that there is a much lower percentage of spectators actually watching the plane, But when the 78" RcSuperhero is in the sky everybodies eyes are fixated on that plane! -

He went on to mentioned that he has never seen a plane draw so much attention from a crowd before! (several hundred people at the fun fly in attendance-at OMAS).

Both the 57" plane and the 78" plane fly the same and are a blast to fly
the size scale makes the 57" plane cost much less to put together.
Posted by rcsuperhero | Aug 29, 2010 @ 10:17 PM | 11,833 Views
RcSuperhero.com / BORNTAFLY on youtube

Hi my name is Greg Tanous. my specialty is unique aircraft !

They look like life size superhero's and they take off vertically like a rocket launch!

Now I am promoting two sizes of RcSuperhero aircraft 57" and 78" tall
(as if they were standing)

[email protected]