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◄► Der starke Hans, Hans im Glück, etc.

All the "Hans" family of fairy tales transport us through time and space to THE SPECIAL CONDITIONS, which decided how things would look out , and what shape they took ..

Frankness identifies Hans .. It directs his steps, his Evolution, Fort-entwicklung, Cheminement ..

cheminer ~ آل إلى ~ become, evolve, devenir, werden, صار, sich entwickeln ..

Et le regard critique ? il s'agit, pour la vue, de conduire l'esprit au-dela du royaume de la vue : DANS CELUI DU SENS

Jean Starobinski, « Le Voile de Poppée ».

◄► Le regard critique DÉCHIFFRE LES MOTS pour accéder à l'intuition de LEUR PLEINE SIGNIFICATION ..

Une vigilance supplémentaire lui devient nécessaire, à partir de la première "lecture a vue", pour s'avancer à la rencontre D'UN SENS SECOND ..

Un long détour nous renvoie aux mots eux-mêmes, où LE SENS ELIT SA DEMEURE, et ou brille LE TRÉSOR MYSTÉRIEUX que l'on croyait devoir chercher dans la "dimension profonde" ..

◄► As said Jean Starobinski : Un long détour nous renvoie aux mots eux-mêmes, où LE SENS ELIT SA DEMEURE .. (حن) a élu sa demeure dans (حنا) ..

The word (حن) is commonly used to express feelings of compassion and pity, marked by kindness, leniency and goodness ..

Verb (حنا) = (sich beugen) ~ incline, bend down, se...Continue Reading
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◄► The Grimm stories are [ supportive, consistent and complementary ] = [ vereinbar und ergänzen sich sinnvoll ] .. So there must be a direct link to a Mastermind, for there are no other logical solutions possible! ..

F. R. Leavis : The only way to escape misinterpretation is never to commit oneself to any critical judgement that makes AN IMPACT - that is, never to say ANYTHING ..

I still, however, think that the best way to promote PROFITABLE DISCUSSION, is to be clear as clear as possible with oneself about what one sees and judges, to try and establish the essential discriminations in the given field of interest, and to state them as clearly as one can (for disagreement, if necessary) ..

Le critique est celui qui, tout en consentant à LA FASCINATION que le texte lui impose, entend pourtant, Trotzdem, in spite of that, conserver droit de regard - Jean Starobinski

The story of the nail .. [The clue, l'indication, الدلالة, der Hinweis ] is designated by the nail, the French word [clou] ..

The clue reveal (the purpose المغزى) underlying a story, and gives (the causes العلة) for scenes and places ..

Because of a deficient nail, a horseshoe failed to work properly .. And the merchant didn't make it a reason for concern, because he underestimated the nail ..

Der Nagel war zu gering geschätzt und unbeachtet gelassen! ..

The scene [SPÄ...Continue Reading
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Kamar AL-Zaman went to (China الصين) for winning the king's daughter, which allegorize (safeguarding صون) ..

Similarly, in Der getreue Johannes, the princess of the goldenen Dach, allegorize (preservation حفظ) ..

The value of preservation is likened to the value of the precious metal gold ..

◄► The king : If my son sees the picture of the princess of THE GOLDENEN DACH, he will feel a strong passion for her, and fall violently in love with her ..

And he will go through great danger for her sake, in order to obtain her .. In order to (فاز , or ظفر بها , or win her) ..

Therefore you must [preserve حفظ] him from that ..

und wird ihretwegen in grosse Gefahren geraten, davor sollst du ihn [hüten حفظ] ..

Also denkst du, sie is aufallend schön ..

So, you think she is so beautiful, and possess such a striking beauty, that the king's son will fall violently in love with her? ..

No, you are wrong! That is not how it was intended ..

Du hast falsch geraten! Denn so war es nicht gemeint ..

"goldenen Dach" does not relate, in a way or another to "Beauty" → That turned out to be the cookery of the author! ..

Aha! .. Then, what does [Princess of The goldenen Dach] mean? .. Alors, ça signifie quoi ? ..

roof is [Dach] in German, [سقف] in...Continue Reading