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Oke lets start at the beginning.

i am a 43 years old dude!
in to Rc from the age of 12 .
and as a child i was already a motor freak.
did some motocross from the age of 14 till 19 .
and played a lot of soccer as well.

oke but thats not why i started this blog.

i will show you what i own .
and what my passion is!!

This is the first rc bike i ever bought. and that started the problem
only thing modified in here is the motor that is a 10 turns 32000 rpm brushed motor and different tires like the pmt .

After a mont or 2 i bought this nitro nuova faor sf501 and i build this from parts from al over the world! and made it in to a yamaha 50th aniversary as seen in lacuna seca end of 2005

here is a list of hopups
1 Pat's brakes front and rear
2 Aluminium triplets
3 Titanium exhaust.
4 Huricane rims
5 Pmt Tires compound A (softest)
6 steeringshock
7 Open Airfilter
8 Modified rear swingarm
9 Carbon dualstack servo plates
10 High torque servo's
11 Special rearschock
12 Quick release crashbars
13 7.2 volt nimh ontv. batt.

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Posted by Screamin' Eagle | Feb 15, 2006 @ 04:28 PM | 12,900 Views
Heard from PDX (Vic) that the Scorpion II shipped yesterday! Thanks Vic! I bought it on behalf of JEB21, but can't wait for it to get here so I can fondle it a bit before I pass it off to him. I myself have a new (to me) Carbon Banana coming from Surfimp on Saturday. Can you tell I like carbon?
Posted by -DoubleV- | Feb 15, 2006 @ 04:21 PM | 7,085 Views
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... A BLog is what's left after you cut down the BTree.....

Sitting at work here, bored as all get-out... I brought my RC Bike in but I can't find time to do the work on it that I need to do...

On the list:
1. Remove components from the experimental frame I was working on and put them back on my CrazyNutRacing frame that I KNOW works....
2. Send my Novak ESC back to Novak for repair...
3. Eat lunch (Rather work on my bike)

I also brought in my HPI R40 Nitro... needs a new throttle servo... the wires got chewed up.... Oh well.. another day's racing down the tubes thanks to Gremlins...

The NATC race is quickly approaching so I must get my equipment smelling like roses in a hurry.. (or at least as close to roses as nitro can smell)

Working on some new parts with Dave from CrazyNutRacing... but if you are on the RC Motorcycle forums and you don't look at my blog... you'll never fnd I may or may not post secret info hidden on here.......MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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My first Mustang was a little tricky to land because it would drop a wing if you tried to hold it off for that smooth touchdown on landing.

This time I cut the ailerons about 2 inches in from the wingtip and added about an inch toward the fuselage.

Then I put in two HS-55 servos - one for each aileron so I could have flaperons.

By using the aileron/rudder mixing and the two free mixes on the Optic 6, I was able to get the flaperons with the existing Berg 4 receiver. Ref. the thread.

Use about 50% flaps in your radio give or take 5% depending on any roll tendencies. I ended up with 55% on the left flaperon and 50% on the right for trimmed flight.

This makes quite a difference for landing - now I can get that nice touchdown without catching a wing. It is also fun to do slow flybys with the flaperons down. It goes without saying that the fast flybys are also fun.

Setup is a Himax 2812-1080 outrunner with 2" Dubro spinner, APC 9 X 7.5 SF prop, PHX 25, and a TP 2100 3s lipo.

Happy Flying! Jon
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Ok my names mark and im an rc addict

ive been into rc since I was a lad with cars but always longed for a helicopter and a scale microlight since my dad started flying one when i was around 8 years old
having been in the back of the microlight more times than i can remember i got a 'feel' for how they fly and handle.
believing a scale rc version was not possible until I decided to build one from scratch a few years back!
having only seen ones that were pretty unrealistic i went the scale route and made a one off, since then ive helped others build them (even if one of them wont admit it due to ego problems, hi Mario arguello of Mia rc! )

Anyway, i got seriously bitten by the rc bug in about 2004'ish when a friend of mine took me to a 5th scale car meet at mendip uk and here is where I first seen the rc bikes that have took over my life!
I didn't even know they existed in hobby grade let alone racing ones!
I got home from the race, did some quick research and ordered a fm-1e R1 straight away, I just had to have one!
being into real motorbikes for many years these we're right up my street!

having an addictive nature this led to many many more rc bikes being purchased, nitro and electric,
I think at one point I was approaching 20 hobby grade bikes! nuova faors, thunder tigers, oto's etc and being an engineer i also made some of my own.

i then decided that i would learn to fly helicopters so went the usual route.. sim, little co-axials, twister fp, etc
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Man....sometimes I just cant get going at work, y'know?..

I need to fly...this light lift last weekend, ugh. I shoehorned a lot of planes in the Corolla for nuthin'. Brought the Zipper to work today so I can fly at Secret Spot (or secret-er spots...) after work today. I need to build a Zipper that would be a trunk-plane. Probably 54" (note: Corolla-size) span, glassed, reinforced or otherwise reengineered tail group (am I the only person who breaks the tail every time I fly now?) with a cheap radio (got a bunch of attack -4's) and cheap servos (modified with the Birdworks kinks) for after-work stress relief. That way, it wouldnt be the end of the world if the plane gets snagged out of my trunk, or some similar near-death experience. Foam wont hold up in a trunk too long, and it needs to work in medium light lift.
I cant believe how much flying affects my mood.
Posted by Archamid | Feb 15, 2006 @ 01:03 PM | 4,719 Views
Here are some pictures of my Zero which had 729 flighte . I flew it in the California Air show team . It met its end when I pulled up sharply from a low inverted pass and the wing exploded because of too many negative "Gs".
Posted by ivanc | Feb 15, 2006 @ 12:53 PM | 49,659 Views

Posted by Screamin' Eagle | Feb 15, 2006 @ 12:27 PM | 11,518 Views
.... but I'm stuck at work! All the onshore spots should be going off all day. At the coast this morning it was already blowing SW at 10-12 mph even at 8 a.m., which almost never happens. The ocean surface was very choppy as well, indicating more wind on the way from offshore.

Get it while you can, guys.
Posted by Flappers | Feb 15, 2006 @ 12:13 PM | 4,017 Views
I'm trying to upload some pics whilst keeping my patience

dial up
Posted by Flappers | Feb 15, 2006 @ 12:08 PM | 3,937 Views
I'm bored so here's a blog showing my planes
Posted by phillipwells | Feb 15, 2006 @ 09:04 AM | 3,771 Views
Plans for airplanes
Posted by Michael in Toronto | Feb 15, 2006 @ 08:53 AM | 10,801 Views
This photo was taken at our club (spring 2005) after a fantastic maiden flight of a Hangar 9 .60 size America P51D Mustang Miss "America", converted to electric using an AXI 4130-20 brushless motor and 6-series lithium batteries. The plane weighs about 8 pounds.
Posted by slopemeno | Feb 15, 2006 @ 02:09 AM | 7,210 Views
Hey check it out...uh...yeah. Blog huh?

Man it figures. I maiden the mach dart in handlaunch weather on sat, sunday I have a CR Raider and an RnR Genesis ready...NO WIND.
But tuesday evening, WIND, but I cant go fly, i have to do valentines stuff. Oh well. I'll take the zipper to secret spot wednesday and tear it up. Oh, and of course I cant fly this weekend since I'll be in PHX. No Brown Slope action any more either, and that was a good slope.

Soooo- I'm going to build my ArtHobby Universal, which should make sure that winds will be 50+ sustained for the rest of the year. Anybody want to see me build a handlaunch? ...Could be worth it to some of you freshman Higgins Plane owners, and you know who you are...

Is it just me but dont Picabo Street, Kim Deal, and Muara Tierney all share the same wrinkley forehead?
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The 4 hours search downtime last night was for a reason - in an effort to track down why the "find threads started by ..." search queries were performing so poorly, I found this bug in vBulletin's bug tracker. Turns out something was wrong with the post table indexes. Rebuilding them took 4 hours, and fixed that particular search slowness.

So this index brokeness is another thing to watch out for. It may be worth investigating if it's fixed in MySQL 4.1.x versions, I don't particularly like the prospect of reindexing the post table every few weeks.
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OK, this Blog thing might be more addictive than I originally realized. Thought I'd post a bit about flying on Sunday, same day the US F3f record was set by Kyle Paulson at Parker, but about 60 miles away at a small local hill in Ventura County.

JEB21 and I had planned to fly on Saturday, but when the forecasts varied from strong onshore to strong offshore, we figured we should hold out for Sunday. Saturday turned out to be a decent onshore day in the area, but we made the right call.

I arrived at the hill at about 12:30 after dropping off a spare Destiny fuse at JEB21's house (about two miles from the hill) so he could get his up in the air again. It had a scary maiden in very gusty Santa Ana winds at Little Mtn. a few months ago, and got blown down into the canyon. A lost model alarm helped find it, and there was some minimal damage to the tailboom. A new fuse will provide an easier fix in the meantime, even though this one had previously separated in the same area, at the seam in the tail.

When I got to the hill, it was barely flyable even though the NWS had forecasted 20-30 in the morning and building throughout the day. I flew the Weasel a bit but the wind was crossed up. I called JEB21 with a report (he was to come up later) that it was cycling but Weasel-able, and not to bother putting the finishing touches on his NCFM Halfpipe as a maiden was probably not in the cards given the conditions. He agreed and stated he would be up in about 30 minutes.

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