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Posted by decreale | Jan 28, 2019 @ 09:18 AM | 2,542 Views
Anyone doing business with Tower Hobbies you need to be careful. They have been advertising about the Escapade .61 since Oct 2018 about getting it in stock and have been revising the schedule. It is now due mid Feb which I doubt. Unfortunately I back ordered this using a gift Certificate and Tower Hobbies refused to return my money . I believe what they are doing is seeing how many back orders they can acquire before actually ordering the plane. They will revise the delivery schedule again or discontinue the plane since Great Planes is gone
The schedule has not been revised. I guess they got tired of looking silly. Now itís on order which looks like indefinite back order

2/13/2019. Still no plane. This is the plane that will show up in 2020. Maybe I can go to the Perry Swap meet to get this plane. We will try
Ha, now we went from On Order to Mid March. Never put an order on back order with Tower Hobbies. I have been waiting since last October

I spoke to Tower Hobbies customer service on 2/25. They stated that I would get a refund and it would take 1-3 business days. Itís now 3/1, still no refund.

Today they came threw got my money refunded. Thank you Tower Hobbies

Well they went from Mid March now back to On Order with this plane. I give up waiting for the plane that will never come in. Deciding on the Sig Four Star 64 or the Super Sport Senior 90.
I decided to keep an update on this plane.Mar 24 the plane is now due late March. Iím taking bets that it will not arrive in late March.

It is March 29 plane is now due LOL late March. Maybe we can take some days from April and give them to March to extend March beyond the 31

Got tired of waiting for this plane bought the SIG 4Star 64, nice plane