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Posted by scousethief | May 23, 2017 @ 01:05 PM | 8,459 Views

Eachines latest offering in their range of FPV single screen headsets is the VR D2 Pro , sporting a 5 inch 800x480 resolution screen with built in Diversity receiver and DVR to record every crash as and when it happens. Coming fully equipped with everything the general user needs ( minus micro sd card ) the VR D2 is an out of the box plug and play FPV headset, after simply charging the battery with the included charger attach the antenna's "turn on, tune in and bug out "

Internally everything was perfectly ok
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Posted by scousethief | May 17, 2017 @ 12:08 PM | 9,110 Views

Following on from Eachine's mobile phone controlled pocket quad the "E50" comes the more attractive and flexible "E52" . Eachine have made some small but noticeable changes to their folding pocket quad from its over all styling to the option of using a very nice transmitter alongside your mobile phone giving you more control over the quad and allowing you the option of inserting the mobile into any generic VR headset giving you a true low budget FPV experience. There's only one way to do this so lets crack on ...................

The Eachine E52 arrived securely packaged within its cardboard box

Packaged neatly inside in a vac formed plastic shell are the instructions , quad, transmitter , battery and charger and a small bag containing spare props and a little prop removing tool, underneath the quad is the bracket used if you want to attach your mobile phone to the transmitter to use as an FPV screen.

The E52 itself is quite a nice looking quad, this time it has some colour to the shell, inspiration taken from Ironman's red metallic suit i think. The on/off button is slightly off set and the quad has 2 Leds one of which is at the rear and could be used for basic orientation
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Posted by scousethief | May 09, 2017 @ 03:41 PM | 8,991 Views
First grab your Pagoda antenna

Find your favorite colour heatshrink , you want it just a little smaller than the diameter of the Pagoda antenna. Cut a small piece a little bigger than the space between the two bigger plates. Put the heatshrink in a pair of long nose pliers and give it a stretch.

Tweeze the now stretched piece of heatshrink over the top two plates.

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Posted by scousethief | May 02, 2017 @ 08:25 AM | 10,717 Views

Specs and various random numbers are below.

So , Pagoda antennas..........we are all used to the standard DiPole antennas which are usable over short distance but lack any real range and the now ubiquitous ( i spelt that right first time yay ) Clover pitch antenna which can have exceptionally good short/medium/long range with very little interference or signal issues ( outside of the inherent ones occurred within 5.8ghz, reflection etc) but do tend to suffer a little/lot from deformation of the array itself especially when you hit trees or concrete at about 60mph There are also a small multitude of antennas that i will term 50's Scifi because of the way they are styled which include patch, diamond, conical, helical etc etc, you know the ones i mean , they are great for the purpose but honestly im generally sat in a field with a foam box over my head i look daft enough adding one of the SciFi antennas would make me look like the love child of a fat bloke and a Dalek so err................ no.

Pagodas have been around for a while in the form of a self build antenna or more recently in factory/shop made varieties some with covers some without but all based along the same principle of a triple stacked set of array boards with an antenna etched in copper, these can be tuned to tighter frequencies by varying the distance between the boards, so...Continue Reading