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Posted by scousethief | Jan 31, 2017 @ 01:10 PM | 7,466 Views
Eachine QX105 "The BAT"

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A Few Quick Words.....

The "Bat" is "the" latest feature rich Quadcopter to hit the shops from Eachine and Banggood, building on the success of their previous brushed micro's Eachine have packed nearly everything you could ever want into their latest offerings. The flight control boards are based around the F3 Evo giving you the same processing power as their bigger brushless counterparts, on top of a current gen FC the boards also combine an onboard Flysky/Frsky/DSM2 receiver with enough range to go exploring, a "buzzer" because we all like to push a little too far now and again, 4 programmable LEDs at the rear AND ! now the boards include a pretty sweet OSD.

As arrived, all safe and sound.

All safely packed away , those are big props lol
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Posted by scousethief | Jan 24, 2017 @ 12:08 PM | 8,275 Views BLACK $114.00 RED $114.00

Disclaimer : i do not get paid nor make any money from this mini review which is why i live in a cave ! . Product specification may change at the manufacturers behest any changes will appear on the linked webpage.

With the current trend of shrinking Quadcopters down as small as possible ( which is great ) i thought for a change i would go up in size to see what "off the shelf" Quads were available that i could use primarily as a trainer to introduce newcomers into the Brushless world but also something that i could use to take some aerial video with. Now that Christmas has passed i know a few family members who have bought their first or second Quad and so my motivation was to find a device that was relatively cheap but something that i would be comfortable letting someone with basic flying skills use, obviously under observation. The Bugs 3 ticked many of the boxes i required and the one that it didnt i was confident i could adapt very easily to my needs.

In the box

All laid out
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Posted by scousethief | Jan 14, 2017 @ 10:48 AM | 6,610 Views
Well one JJRC X1 board smoked and then my newly built Diatone 180 decided to blow all 4 escs at the same time for no reason.

Loadsa Fun.
Posted by scousethief | Jan 06, 2017 @ 10:15 AM | 10,597 Views
Walkera Rodeo 110

Disclaimer : The Walkera Rodeo 110 was provided by for independent review , i do NOT receive any payment for the review nor earn revenue on any links posted within.

A brief intro.

Many moons ago when i jumped feet first into the hobby my very first real purchase was a Walkera 36 6ch 400 size helicopter, after spending weeks reading about servo travel, rate gyro's and adjusting links to the Nth degree i took my very first breathless plunge in to what i found to be the most enjoyable and consuming of hobbies RC Flight. For a long time my addiction was actually Walkera , even when working in the hobby with the higher end of the market my wall was lined with Walkera ( and some Esky ) heli's , at the time they produced good low priced budget helis that with a little tweaking flew perfectly fine, then the great transmitter debacle happened and i swerved away from my staple supplier and moved more towards planes thus ending a long time affair.
Fast forward to 8-9 months ago and a phone call from a friend who had bought a pair of Walkera Runner 250's and needed some assistance getting them to fly how he wanted, personally i had moved towards micro planes but had kept my feet wet with a few micro quads so agreed to help, in all honesty i wasnt too impressed , they they had some nice features and flew relatively fine but even after tweaking they felt a little sluggish and the carbon framework was pretty thin for the size of Quad. Then came the...Continue Reading
Posted by scousethief | Jan 01, 2017 @ 07:48 AM | 7,447 Views
X73S 73mm Betaflight Naze32 Brushless 1S FPV Racing Drone ARF US$95.99 ~ 110.99

Come on whats not to like ? its Micro Brushless

Quadcopter Size: 105*105mm
Rack: X-type 73mm

ESC 1S 3.5A (Blheli)
Flight controller Naze32
(6dof) betaflight firmware
Motor 1103 Brushless Motor KV10000
Receiver Compatible futaba s-fhss receiver/ Frsky D8 receiver/ DSMX receiver
AV Wireless Transmitter 5.8g 32ch 5.8Ghz 25mw
Propeller 4-leaf efficient
Camera SENSOR: 1/4"" HD Sensor
Resolution: 1280*960
Pixel: 5MP
Definition: 600TVL
Min.Illumination: 0.5Lux
SNR: >48db
GAMMA: 0.45
Refresh rate: 60F/S NTSC,50F/S PAL
Shutter Speed: PAL;1/50'1/100,000s NTSC:1/60'1/100,000s
Working temperature: -40~+85℃
White balance: automatic
Video output: 1vp-p75 Europe
Synchronous system: Internal synchronization
Color: color
TV Format: PAL

Flight time 5-6 minutes
Takeoff weight <43g
Batterry 1S 450mah 25c Lipo battery (Not included)

Package included:
1 x X73S Multirotor frame
4 x 1103 Brushless Motor KV10000
1 x Naze32 FC
1 x Futaba Compatible s-fhss receiver/ Frsky Compatible D8 receiver/ Compatible DSMX receiver
1 x Mini Camera
1 x Protection cover
4 x Blade

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