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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Nov 30, 2007 @ 10:20 AM | 29,034 Views
To stay true to my recurring theme of beach videos, I forced my family to all meet at an Alabama beach house. We picked the house because it could hold all of the adults and kids, but it turned out to be a great place for a plane junkie like me. While my wife and I were driving around, we noticed 4 jets in formation. They made pass, after pass, after pass. When we made it back to the beach house they were making passes over the beach. My wife jumped on the internet and discovered that the Blue Angels used our strip of water and beach to practice over daily. That's right! So every day at 8:30am the show would start.
The other cool part about where we stayed was that Fort Morgan was just down the road. Fort Morgan is at the tip of Mobile Point, which, together with Dauphin Island upon which Fort Gaines is situated, encloses Mobile Bay. This fort was built around 1833 and was full of cannons. One thing that I thought was interesting was that they used a technique of heating the cannon balls so that when they hit a wooden ship, the ship would catch on fire. I really wanted to fly over the fort, but by the time we visited it the wind was kicking up too much and never let up the rest of the week.
I did get a decent beach video at sunset (pretty gusty) and some great footage the day before. The only drag about the great footage is that I must have moved the camera, and there is a black bar at the top from the mirror. They are both pretty interesting videos though and one ends in...Continue Reading