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Posted by Pat Lynch | Sep 27, 2012 @ 05:20 PM | 14,832 Views
After the concentration (and stress) of building the Rake DVII, I felt the need to cut some balsa! I love the early stages of a model build. Dust, shavings, broken #11 blades, fingers covered in glue....ah!
A modelling friend showed me an old plan for an He111 for two .25 ic engines. The 111 has always been on my bucket list and the opportunity the plan afforded was too good to refuse. Plans were copied, balsa purchased and construction began.....

At about the same time, the desire for a simple Rake model came to fruition in the shape of a 1/6 scale Great Lakes Trainer. Because the Fokker had been a rather protracted build (my fault for wanting detail..) I wanted to see how quickly this biggish model could be built. Committing about 4-5 hours a day (joys of retirement!) resulted in a successful maiden 3 weeks after getting the parts from Manzano. Unfortunately, Charlie left a couple of sheets out of the laser short kit (his mind was on his upcoming holiday ) so some pleasant manual wood bashing was needed to get started. Build log is at

It was a pleasant, unstressful build and I'd reccomend it as a first, larger scale model. It builds easy, flies easy and looks interesting. A great model!