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Posted by Pat Lynch | Aug 22, 2006 @ 10:05 PM | 19,249 Views
To try and push my personal envelope a bit, I decided to build a simple twin. I chose an oldish design by Laddie Mikulasko - the Dornier DO-23. An aircraft from Germany's military buildup in the '30s, it is simple, has character, big wing area and should suit twin bell outrunners well. 60" span will give it some presence and it seems a stable design. She flies very well - slow and majestic just like an old bomber should. I mixed flap and seperate ailerons to give differential and flap function but have yet to decide if it is of benefit. Runs well on a single 1700 mA 3S LIPO for about 10 min. Only draws 5-10A at normal cruising. Great model - I want to do another multi now!

Build thread is at
Youtube link:
Electric Dornier 23G RC model airplane (1 min 4 sec)

Another more complex build to stretch my skills a bit is an IC conversion of an old Gordon Whitehead design from the 70's - a 46" Hawker Hind/Demon. This is a very complex build for me and I'm being very cautious - luckily receiving help from these forums and from Gordon himself.
Still a way to go with the airframe completed.

Build thread -