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Posted by FiftySlicks | Feb 18, 2017 @ 01:42 PM | 5,949 Views

Iíve been here nearly 3 years so itís about time I started populating this poor neglected blog with entries. Iíve had a dragon on my build list for ages, in fact Iíve tried various times before to make appropriate wings and fuselages, but it proved too ambitious for my skill level. Iíve focused more on ugly but functional aerobatic and aerial video planes. Now that my build techniques have caught up with this particular ambition I decided to give it another shot.

Thereís not exactly a shortage of dragons for inspiration in popular culture although it seems that what works in CGI for TV and movies doesnít translate that well to real life. In the future Iíd love to try a design with articulated fabric wings and features to try and break away from the static wing and tail planform but for now I need to keep things fairly conventional. Given that, I was scouring for something that has a chance at working without needing major modifications or additional stabilising surfaces.

If you want to scare me, just ask me how long ago 1997 was. Eh, what, a decade or something? I remember it fairly well. 20 YEARS!! Oh the onward march of time carrying us ever forward to our inevitable eternal oblivion etc. In this year was released one of the greatest but also least appreciated PC games of all time: Total Annihilation. If you know the game, you understand why. If you donít, just know that the influence of it reached far and wide and can still be felt today. Sadly it...Continue Reading