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Posted by 3LakesJim | Mar 29, 2020 @ 04:10 PM | 5,157 Views
I have been reviewing the various threads about Soft Touch laminating film, which looks to be really good stuff. Downside is the price; everyone refers to it at $95 for a 500 foot roll from MyBinding.com.

But I just googled and found this source in Ontario, that appears to sell the same thing for $48 a roll. With tax and shipping ($26 - ugh) it would cost me $75, but still a bit better than MyBinding,( which has free shipping).

Does anyone have experience with this product who can verify that it is really the same thing, at about half the price?

Posted by 3LakesJim | Apr 12, 2019 @ 03:19 PM | 1,858 Views
This blog entry will be about trying to scratch-build a small hi-start glider. This started when I got interested in trying a hi-start so I bought a small one from RetroRC. (see picture 1) I showed it to Don Bailey at our local Barnyard Buzzards club field, who advised it was best suited for a miniature stick-and-tissue type plane, so I started looking.

First step, I found plans on Outerzone for a 30in span Slingsby Prefect, and printed them out (picture #2), and saw the whole model could come out of a single sheet of 1/16 balsa (and a scrap block for the nose).

Next came the electronics. I was interested in trying out a Spektrum brick, but they are pricey, and currently not available. After a lot of web searching I found Oversky RC who sells a bunch of tiny electronic stuff, including a brick receiver knockoff. At $28, I ordered two, with a couple of tiny 50mah 1s batteries. I also got a matching brushed motor to try on a future project. BTW, they also have FrSky and Futaba versions of the same receiver.

To test the receiver, I cut out a tiny hand launch glider using foamboard left over from a FliteTest project, and mounted the brick and battery. (pictures 3 and 4). I guessed the CoG needed to be about 30% back, it took three pennies to get it there, so maybe the nose could have been longer! I hand tossed it a couple of times - it was a lousy flyer (being heavy) but it did respond OK to radio commands, so it proved the approach might work.

At this point it was time to start the Prefect, so I started cutting the tiny ribs. I'll post that next.