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Posted by choppergirl | Mar 31, 2020 @ 11:08 PM | 5,785 Views
My Power (6 min 57 sec)

Hi, I'm Choppergirl... you're engine is out, you're a glider now, biatch!

Quick intro : I developed a mod for Battlefield 2142 over 5 years called Airwar that turned the game into a aerial dogfighting thunderdome and poetry of debris falling from the sky. Over 100,000 players passed through Airwar at one time.

When BF shut down, I bought an antique ultralight off ebay for $38 after wistfully watching ultralight videos on Youtube, and started hanging out in aviation forums.

I started watching paramotor videos, those guys seemed like they were flying all the time, and then I found I could even go more portable, I didn't need to be in the plane, and got into RC FPV quadcopters because they flew like a bat out of hell like my gunships in BF2142. Never thought I'd get into RC but FPV is a game changer.

I'm good friends with two people somewhat notable in RC, Mac Hodges and David Gates.

My home pages:



My RC / FPV /Quadcopter Big Research Page:

My real life full size airplane projects:

My Quadcopter model in Liftoff (I've logged at least 250 hours in Liftoff so far):

Mainly I hang out on Homebuilt Airplanes:

And before that,

My Choppergirl / Airwar Youtube Channel

My Flying with Christina Youtube Channel

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Cheapskate Flyer:

My grandfather, a WW2 P-47/P-39/P-38 pilot:

My Volmer Jensen Page:

Watch your six. Cause I'm on it. Stay frosty!

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