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Posted by YarSmythe | Aug 30, 2011 @ 11:57 AM | 14,358 Views
Promised my buddy (a year ago) to build his 6' Glow Dog in exchange for a GP Evader. He's waited long enough.

Keith's original build thread is here. When mine is completed, I'll post the final pics to his thread.

Keith has created a nice short kit. The plans and pre-cut pieces are first class. Is this for a beginner? Probably not. I've been building kits for many years and this one is testing me right from the start. I'm sure it'll turn out great. I'm taking my time....mainly because I don't want to hand over a piece of crap to my buddy. He'd never forgive me.

Oh yea, this sucker uses a LOT of LED lights. I've seen Keith's plane up close (and at night) and it is awesome. Not sure I'll install as many as he used...but enough to make this thing turn some heads.

Here's what we have so far.