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Posted by YarSmythe | Jun 29, 2008 @ 05:06 PM | 8,814 Views
I bought this thing last year and had great plans for it. My thought was to make it look like a C-47 with invasion stripes.

Well, the idea was good but the results were less than satisfactory. I read all about the importance of sanding, wiping with denatured alcohol, and adding primer coats to Elapor foam before adding on the main colors. Well, I did all that but it appears I used the wrong paint. The Krylon for Plastics I used started peeling off when I used 3M Painters (delicate) tape for masking. Then, when I added my invasion stripes, the paint seeped through the paper tape on messed 'em up. A fella recommend a plastic tape (like electrical tape) to mask the stripes which DID work for the other wing...but that tape also peeled the base paint off the foam.

I decided enough was enough. I finished mounting the rest of the electronics and got the plane ready for flying. Heck, the sucker even balanced perfectly! But, as luck has been for this kit, as soon as I was ready to pack the truck, the rains came. Ack!

So, here is my TwinStar II in the "Ready to Fly" stage...but not the "Ready to Show Off" stage. I'll update the blog again when she's looking better.


- Multiplex TwinStar II
- Original Multiplex rudder/elevator/aileron servos (RR version)
- (2) Hobby Lobby 400XT motors
- (2) E-Flite 20amp ESCs
- (2) APC 9x4.5E props
- (2) TP2100 batteries in parallel
- AR6200 Receiver and DX7 Transmitter

No information yet on final weight or thrust/speed performance.