Posted by Lieutenant Dan | Mar 02, 2020 @ 01:55 PM | 5,388 Views
Well people, I have sold just about every thing I have posted on RCG's classified pages. and I thank the buyers and I thank RCG for that. but, I have only had 2 people reply on my feedback page. so, if you buy something from anyone please remember to leave feedback, specially if the deal wen't well. thank you!!

I sold a giant scale plane about 3 weeks ago. I sold the plane for a lost of about $190 in investings. the buyer did not leave feedback for me.

so people, it happened again. I sold a 44cc engine and the buyer receive the engine 1 week ago from today,
it's been a week he has had it and the buyer did not leave feed back for me and he did not PM me telling me he receive the engine.
I waited 1 week to post this.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Mar 02, 2020 @ 10:03 AM | 6,760 Views
Last toy for a while...thermoplastic vacuum table.....a bit of 1/2" and 1/4" ply, a cheap hot plate, and my shop vac..
Posted by GonzoBorinquen | Mar 02, 2020 @ 09:46 AM | 5,477 Views
Heinkel 162 Salamander WWII turbine model. It took me seven months to build the model. The kit was produced by Bruce Sanders Century Jet Models. The kit is no longer in production. The kit is a very complete short kit. All wood except wing planking is included. Main kit parts are a fiberglass fuselage with plywood bulkheads and foam core wings.
Have not given the Salamander its maiden flight yet even thou I has been ready to fly for a while. Will publish how it went with the maiden flight when it takes place. April 2020 is the set date for the maiden flight.

The design of the full scale HE 162 took four months and 1st prototype was shortly available after that. The plane went thru a very short trial period with many retrofits installed after almost every test flight. Been in production in late 1944 and with many materials in short supply, the creation of the 1st squadron itself was a major task.

The model is controlled by a Futaba 9C radio, powered by Jet Central Rabbit 100 SP, Century Jets retracts, Xicoy sequencer to coordinate landing gear with gear doors and Jettronics variable low-loss braking system. Controlled by 11 servos. Controlled by Futaba are two servos in Ailerons, two servos in Flaps mixed with elevator switchable, one servo on each Elevator, one servo on each rudder, two servos controlled by the Xicoy sequencer for air valves ne for retracts another for gear doors and one servo for steering.

Fuel load is 124 oz. distributed by in four tanks in...Continue Reading
Posted by J.Enders | Mar 02, 2020 @ 07:05 AM | 5,473 Views
On my Taranis X9D, I took the long left switch to switch the motor labeled SF, but the switch is on the right side of the simulator. I attached a picture with red letters as it should look like.Can someone confirm it for me.
According to the switch assignment, the order should be as red in the picture.
Sorry for my bad english, I hope you will understand what i mean.

best regards from Germany
Posted by LemonC | Mar 02, 2020 @ 12:52 AM | 5,787 Views
Lunch Breaking (2 min 48 sec)

My wife quit her job so now I don’t need to come home to let our dawgz out on my lunch breaks for the time being and we’ve been having awesome weather. Looking forward to a little more flying soon.
Posted by skydve76 | Mar 01, 2020 @ 11:57 PM | 5,509 Views
I AM NOT SAYING I AGREE WITH THE FAA, Im just saying if it goes into effect my hobby wont be affected that much. I fly drones, helies, turbines, park flyers, everything except gliders. This is based on my interpretation of it and for certain there are some questionable areas as the documents I read are not well written.

For my park flyer stuff they fall under "Limited Remote Identification UAS":
It clearly says the Remote ID is for the CONTROL STATION ONLY (in bold so I used caps).
Log into an app on my phone, which logs my GPS coordinate. My plane does not (and cannot) broadcast via transponder therfore does not need a transponder. In reality nothing really changes for me. However the 400 foot limit is a bit small, I think 1000 feet with a 400 foot ceiling would be more than anyone could use with a park flyer type planes. Later in the doc it talks about "self test" and Im not sure if that applies to Limited UAS or not.

For my large stuff, which really should only be flown at AMA fields (or private property):
My field will be a FRIA.

A few key issues in which I included in my comment to the FAA:

For some reason possibly an error, the FAA documents say that CBOs must apply within 1 year of the rule being passed. So what this means is there cant be any more CBOs after 1 year. Well, really there is only the AMA anyways so its not a big deal. However Id like to see this 1 year restriction removed. It does say the CBO approval...Continue Reading
Posted by Thomas B | Mar 01, 2020 @ 11:41 PM | 5,765 Views
Time to work out where I am going for RC events this year.

I have been to one event so far: The Georgetown RC swap meet back in January. Had a great time and made some room in my hangar.

Upcoming events that I am planning on attending.

WAMS RC swap meet in Weatherford, TX on March 20 and 21 . Always a great time.
North Dallas RC Club Spring float fly at Lake Dallas on April 25.
Warbirds over Benbrook on May 2, at my home field: Thunderbird Field, Fort Worth, TX. Always a great event.
SMALL Steps 2020 in Little Rock, AR on June 4-7. A must attend!
Warbirds over Texas at Eagle Field, North Dallas RC Club: dates not yet firm, but guessing June 12-13, based on historical dates.
Fort Worth Thunderbirds Summer Float Fly on Sunday, Aug 2. Camp Joy Park, Lake Worth.

Still firming up events after that date. Likely to go to the Southwest Jet Fly in in Waco in Sept, BEST in early October, Fall SMALL in October and more

Plan on retiring on Aug 30 and hope to make it to even more events!
Posted by old4570 | Mar 01, 2020 @ 10:56 PM | 4,869 Views
I dont know what to say ?

Mounting screws are smaller than usual for a 1103 .
Also there is no bolt down for the prop , so you can only use press fit props !

Pictured are the press fit props I have on hand .

1) 65mm x 2.5inch pitch
2) HQ3020
3) Black ?
4) Blue ?
5) Red ?

Smallest prop is No1 , and on 2s RPM went to 37,000+ But the motor was cutting out ( ESC wont let the motor run faster ) for a little over 70 grams of thrust . Also on 2s the motor was getting seriously warm ! Dont know how well you would go running this 3s or 4s , just might make for a quick death ?

1s Testing

Prop 1 = 23,000 rpm and 25 grams of thrust
Prop 2 = 16,000 rpm and 51 grams of thrust
Prop 3 = 24,000 rpm and 37 grams of thrust
Prop 4 = 20,000 rpm and 47 grams of thrust
Prop 5 = 17,600 rpm and 47 grams of thrust
Posted by EndoDuskin | Mar 01, 2020 @ 08:34 PM | 5,111 Views
I always loved flight or "air-ee-oo-planes" as I called 'em at age 5 or so. Because we moved a lot overseas, I never had the chance to build RC airplanes, and I figured helicopters were out of the question. We did build some balsa flyers, including Guillow's Corsair and an elegant tissue paper rubber band flyer with cantilevered wings and a tendency to turn left. Later I got a 72Mhz RC buggy by Tamiya, the HORNET (Anytime Baby!) and had so much fun with that it almost filled my entire imagination. But I always wanted to try RC planes and helicopters.

Last year, my wife worked overseas for a few months, and feeling alone and bored I bought two RC helicopter kits on a whim from Banggood, an Alzrc 380 Devil and a 420 Devil. I bought them both the same day because I wasn't sure which would be better.

I built them over the next month and figured out how to program the imitation VBAR and spent about a month unsuccessfully trying to get off the ground without a mishap. I wish I'd recorded those first few flights because they were scary, funny, and sad, depending on how you looked at them.

In the 11 months since then I've never been longer than a week without getting out to fly. It's really fun! But it's an era that must come to an end at some point, so I'll post some short updates for posterity in this page.
Posted by klang | Mar 01, 2020 @ 06:15 PM | 4,941 Views
Thanks to Phil H. for the wonderful EPP cores! I finally got it covered and took it out to the field for a maiden bungie launch. All went very well, no stall tendencies. 42" wingspan and all up weight of 17oz.
Posted by GonzoBorinquen | Mar 01, 2020 @ 03:55 PM | 5,214 Views
Horten 229 V3 WWII flying wing model. It took me a year to build the model. The kit is produced by Gary Hethcoat Everything about the kit is class #1. Fiberglass center section with plywood bulkheads and built up balsa wings.

Maiden flight took place on 2/29/2020 at Borinquen RC Club in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico. It flew flawlessly with only minor trimming, 2 clicks left aileron and 1 click up. It flew very Stable no bad habits in the air. Its silhouette is very peculiar, but looks commanding and draws all the attention. The design does place a lot of its weight in the nose gear and requires attention on takeoff and landing.

A revolutionary design testament to the Horten brother’s innovative design. Recognition to Gary’s aeromodelling knowledge scaling down a very complicated model.

The model is controlled by a Futaba T14SG radio, powered by two JP 70mm counter rotating EDF’s, two JP 100 A ESC, two 6S 6200 ma in parallel, JP electric landing gear with sequential gear doors and brakes. Controlled by 13 servos. Controlled by Futaba are Elevons, Mid Flaps mixed with elevator switchable and also for speed brakes, inner flaps for speed brakes (crow), steering, drag Rudders for jaw and throttle.

The model spans 82” has 1277 sq. inches of wing area, weighted fully loaded 17 lbs....Continue Reading
Posted by tgold | Mar 01, 2020 @ 03:40 PM | 4,631 Views
This has been quite a year since my first blog post about my first RC airplane. The E-flite Maule that is my first plane now has195 flights on it, with only a handful of "incidents" in the logbook. Like a lot of people I think, I've gone nuts with this hobby with great encouragement from my local flying club. My second plane, an E-flite T-28 is currently awaiting parts for a major repair after a still-unexplained crash that was most likely pilot error.

My third plane was a Seagull Pilatus Porter that I had great fun putting together and flying, but life was short and I had a major crash that broke it in half. My club encouraged me to rebuild it, which I did, and then not long after crashed again and it became my first retired plane. After a long analysis, we found the issue and it was builder error, not pilot error. But since I was also the builder I only felt a little better to determine that I had not just flown it into the ground. It turned out that I had used a servo extension between the ESC and the receiver and despite using heat shrink at the connection, and it looked very nice, the connectors were not securely mated. This caused the first and second crash and was a big learning experience for me. Undeterred I kept flying the Maule and started work on a Flite Test Mini Mustang kit.

I'll stop there because I really want to get some work done this morning on my first balsa build from plans, but at some point, I'll come back here with more of the story of how I've gone from a new flier with a foamie to being a new balsa builder and the many planes in between.
Posted by jmxp69 | Mar 01, 2020 @ 01:33 PM | 4,404 Views
In this video, I take a look at the Top 5 RC products under $40 I've encountered over the last year.
I would immediately replace every item on this list if I had to.

Top 5 RC Products under $40 (11 min 25 sec)

Posted by Bill M - RC | Mar 01, 2020 @ 12:27 PM | 4,890 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Rc Reviews - In this video I share an unpleasant development regarding rc reviews that is not in the spirit of a co-operative partnership.

Banggood has gone BONKERS - RC Reviews (7 min 55 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Mar 01, 2020 @ 12:09 PM | 4,111 Views
Halloa people,

I am in the midst of publishing a (LONG :P) how-to-build series and one of it's video is mostly about the FPV-camera-choice.. Maybe this is helpfull to you if you're new to FPV and are unsure what camera would work out for You...

Perfect FPV Drone Build Guide - P8: FPV Camera Selection AND Install (14 min 47 sec)

Posted by CorvetteC5 | Mar 01, 2020 @ 10:48 AM | 3,487 Views
This is my first foray into para-anything and I had a good maiden flight with it so worth sharing!

I bought the Hobby King parasail about one month before the cart PNP version became available, and continued with my plan to create my own motor unit for it. I was very inspired by Paradude's gondola designs where the servo arms are off to the sides and not to the front. This makes sense to me as effective servo protecting during tumbles. With several weeks of thinking about my initial gondola design, yet not started with building, a video appeared by britinoz on June 19th, 2019. This showed a brilliant and low risk ROG of the Hobby King trike paramotor. Wow! Much nicer than a newbie tossing a 2 kg gondola and hoping for the best, so I incorporated wheels in my paramotor design and share the result with you.

My trike/cart was built mostly from spare parts on hand. Only 2 parts were bought special for the paramotor: The wire fruit basket for the prop guard from Walmart for $7.44, and the 3/16" bow shackles from Ace Hardware for $3.99 each. Everything else was stuff in the shop. The trike chassis is a 40-plus year old 1-channel land sailer vehicle that my older brother and I used to steer around the driveway in the wind. The motor is an E-Flite 480-1020KV. Servos are JR analog oldies at 6.48 kg/cm. Propeller is 9x6x3 for glow engines. Wheels/tires grew dramatically in size when flyers of the HK paramotor recommended more and more weight. Up to 2.3 kg at last reading!...Continue Reading
Posted by GroundControlRC | Mar 01, 2020 @ 10:23 AM | 3,118 Views

Test Flight - FlyBear FX816 P-38 Lightning RTF - MOD #1 Motor Realignment

FlyBear FX816 P38 RTF

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

This Plane is Courtesy of Banggood.
Thank you Banggood for sending this Plane for Review!

I really have a lot of fun with My FlyBear 2CH Planes.
I have Reviewed the FlyBear Red Baron Biplane, F-16, SU-35, and now the P-38 ;-)
All the FlyBear Planes I've reviewed so far required just a bit of Nose Weight to get them flying extremely well.
I was not so fortunate with this FlyBear Plane.

This Plane has some issues as follows:

#1 During the 1st Throttle Up one of the Props flew off ;-)
This was an easy fix.

#2 The Plane wanted to dramatically Nose UP when applying Throttle ;-)
Another fairly easy fix.

#3 The Plane has no Right Turn Authority at all ;-(
Not such an easy fix.

I have performed the MOD on the Motor Alignment and it is now ready for it's 1st MOD Test Flight!

Banggood GCRC

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #FlyBear #FX816 #P38

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

FlyBear FX816 P38 RTF

The Dimensions of the Stock LIPO is: 33mm x 21mm x 8mm
These LIPOs should work but I cannot confirm! Be warned!

5PCS 3.7V 300mAh Lipo Battery Set for H8 H22 Eachine H8 Mini RC Quadcopter

5PCS 3.7V 300mAh 25C Lipo Battery Charger Set for H8 H22 Eachine H8 mini RC Quadcopter

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups
Posted by Rusty-Gunn | Mar 01, 2020 @ 06:07 AM | 3,454 Views
Hi. Over the past years my vision has not improved, but deteriorated. I did have surgury to both eyes, replacing the lenses, but unfortunately this was temporary.
My vision has not improved, such that I can not safely fly rc airplanes. I won't be able to see them clearly enough in flight. Dang, and I still had one more full-fuse prop jet design I never built! Yeah, thats the way it goes sometimes.
So, I shall retire. Again.
Enjoy this wonderful, and fine, sport. I surely did.