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Some time ago I did a quick wiki on how to apply firmware updates to earlier FrSky receivers specifically allowing the D8R to output serial or CPPM. This wiki became lost when Google dropped their support for projects but may be found here:

The original link was:

This will redirect you to my gitHub page but the link does not resolve to the actual wiki.
Posted by mlilasic | Dec 27, 2016 @ 05:30 AM | 3,841 Views
RAW DAL Cyclone – Amazing props - and best start of FPV video EVER – Xbee Revo Racerstar RS30A (3 min 40 sec)

Test flight of new DALPROP Cyclone and best start of FPV video EVER!
I fell in love with new DAL Cyclone props. They are amazing… From now default prop for my quads.

DALPROP T5045C Cyclone -

XBee XB-X MK2 220mm (4mm Replaceable Arms) -
Review of the frame.

Dshot300, BetaFlight 310 BB763 8/8/8: betaflight_3.1.0_AIRBOTF4.hex
20$ Banggood REVO clone -
Racerstar RS30Ax4 V2 BB2 2-6S 4in1 ESC BLHeli_S 16.5, G_H_30... FW -

***Now BG sells RS20A 4in1 20A ESC version with 5V 1.5A BEC and with Dshot Blheli_S 16.5 firmware already onboard -
and RS30Ax4 4in1 30A ESC version with 5V 3A BEC -

Parts list:
Skyzone FPV googles -
4X Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2300KV -
HS1177 FPV cam -
2.1mm lens for FPV cam -
Eachine ET526 5.8G 40CH 25mW/200mW/600mW Switchable FPV TX -
Skyzone 5.8GHz RHCP 4 Leaf FPV Antenna TX/RX SMA/RP-SMA -
HD action cam EKEN H9 -

My review of Racerstar RS30Ax4 V2 30A BLheli_S BB2 2-6S 4 in 1 ESC:
Posted by aerosurfer | Dec 27, 2016 @ 04:25 AM | 6,460 Views
The EACHINE E10WD can be purchased here.

Pretty amazing little quad that I received from Banggood. It behaves really well in the air. It has a camera but you can't really fly FPV with it because of the delay you are getting on your phone attached to the remote control. Eachine even created a mobile app for recording video and taking photos. You get about 2 minutes of fast flying with lots of flips.

EACHINE E10WD (1 min 3 sec)

- handles very well in the air and can help learning flying line of sight
- small and absolutely flyable at home
- prop guards so you can't hurt people
- very fast
- spare props inside the package
- no additional transmitter needed
- can flip on button push
- nice leds look really awesome

- not for FPV because of the delay
- only 1 battery included but it's so much fun that you need more

Package Content

1x E10WD itself
1x 3.7V 150mAh battery
1x transmitter
4x spare blades
1x USB charging cable
1x manual


Totally recommended for beginners to learn LOS flying....Continue Reading
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Hi guys ! XQ-POWER wish you have a good holiday !
The following model is hot sale now . take a look ,pretty good analog servos


(9g digital servo, metal gear, could change the shell color)
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Amusing Gootube channel about the Commodore 64. He does a better job covering it than others, in better quality & in more detail than average. Things would have been different if the younger lion kingdom had access to highest end supercomputers of the day, but there was no option of buying time on a Jeff Bezos compute node or knowing someone with a university computing account in those days. The only exposure to how multimedia programming was done was what consumers could afford, which was far inferior to the way the highest end systems worked.

You could be forgiven for thinking the way C64's did multimedia was the way it would always be done. The C64 was lightyears ahead in multimedia than anything else of the same price, for at least 6 years. It was invented by guys a lot smarter than you, surely pursuing the easiest architecture possible for programmers. In fact, it was the opposite of convenience but a need to optimize every single transistor down to the maximum a consumer could afford. It took a while to realize high end arcade games weren't using sprites & character sets in creative ways but using entirely new hardware. The 6502 assembly language remaned quite relevant to modern assembly languages.

It makes you wonder if at the rate human intelligence is going down, are future systems only going to have 64k again & are we going to have to use "multicolor bitmap mode" again. Future generations aren't always going to know the merits of addressing the screen in raster lines instead of character cells.

What about running into future limitations which might require multicolor bitmap mode. The C64's graphics were dictated by the minimum resolution to resolve text, making colors the constrained resource. Today's resolution is constrained by the minimum framerate to resolve motion & would have to be reduced by quite a bit before it couldn't resolve text.
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The list below contains the Top 5 Budget Drones for Beginners on Amazon. Professionals can use them as training quadcopters for aerial photography and videography. As for beginners, it is often suggested to newer pilots looking to gain confidence in foundational multirotor proficiency to log practice hours on a less expensive models before buying a professional or more advanced model.

1. MJX X101W FPV RC Drone (ORIGINAL PRICE: $125.99)

Name: 61oVAZ23vJL._SL1000_.jpg
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Description: ...Continue Reading
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Got my new pikes, these were ordered with no paint on the fuse or the bottom of wings & tails. Haven't decided on rx battery, but rest of gear will be X series rx frsky with vario, kst 145's in the fuse and 135's in the wing, Target rtf weight is 76-79oz.
Posted by aben71 | Dec 26, 2016 @ 08:06 PM | 3,621 Views
I am really liking this little quadcopter.Funny thing on Gearbest it is advertised as a indoor FPV racing drone and I agree that it is a great indoor flyer but I say it is also an excellent outdoor flyer as well

E 90X Micro FPV Drone Test Flight Part 2 Driveway FPV Fun (5 min 22 sec)

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I normally do not make a reference to another forum, but DJI put together a great start up guide for new owners of the Standard.
Posted by Thunder50BMG | Dec 26, 2016 @ 06:01 PM | 8,906 Views
Yes, I lied 'bout the last 2016 build. I was just bored and was having extra time for some build on Christmas Day and with the some SunnySky X2207S 2100 KV and some MAYTech Mini 20 A Esc' on hand it's just a perfect mixture for a new mini tri. This is a forgotten TRI frame on hand and just did a modification on the front boom into a 16mm carbon fiber and it did work pretty well.

Don't take my word for it....just see the pix and maiden video and judge by yourself.

KK2.1.5 Mini RC911 R4 SL-MIX Fw / SunnySKY X2207S Kv2100 / MAYTech Mini 20A BL Heli esc's / 6 " Props / TGY Mini SERVO 9018 MG

Close-up PIX & Maiden video....

...Continue Reading
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So for christmas my wonder wife bought me a Radian XL. I was very excited to get to fly it and I miss my original radian very much. So today I decided to go flying and have a bit of fun. I got to my flying spot and it was windy, very very windy but I was going to try anyway. I started to try to fly the Fokker DR1 first. It was getting enough lift on the ground with no power that it wanted to take off without power. So I throttled up, it made it all of about 15 feet off the ground before the wind took it, the wing stalled and it hit the ground. So I tried again with the same result so I gave up and went to the radian.

So I found the problem with flying a large wingspan bird after flying small wingspan birds for so long, depth of view. I was coming in for another landing and I though I was significantly closer than I was and I ended up in the top of a tree at Holmes. The wind started to pick up and the whole bird started to lift out of the tree top so I went full throttle and as it was coming out the tail caught and proceeded to slam the radian back in and broke the whole nose off. After climbing the tree I managed to get it out and it slammed into the ground fracturing the entire fuselage all the way back to wing saddle. And to top it off I fell out of the last 10 feet of the tree. Been a hell of a day, going to drink a few beers.

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The firmware in this entry has been superseded by BF v3.1.0.
Though, you can still use the procedure for downloading and executing up to date configurator.

This blog entry tells you how to flash your OMNIBUS F4 V2 and OMNIBUS F4 Pro with the correct firmware.

As of today (2016-12-27), OMNIBUS F4 V2 and OMNIBUS F4 Pro needs developer version of the 3.1 firmware.

The firmware
This firmware is available for download from Boris's build server:

Download a recent build, and select OMNIBUSF4SD.hex

The configurator
The new firmware requires up to date configurator to properly configure the board, especially the OSD tab.
(a) Goto Betaflight Configurator github.
(b) Press the green "Clone or Download", select "Download ZIP", save and expand it at your favorite location.
(c) In Chrome, open "Extensions Manager", check "Developer Mode" and press "Load unpacked extension...".
(d) Select the location you have saved your files in (b).
(e) Launch.

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We finally received this printer and my son did a video review on this.

He3D-K200 3D Printer Review (3 min 39 sec)

We paid 199 shipped during christmas sale, but currently it is bit more. still, it is good quality printer if you have some knowledge and willingness to fix issues. anyway, take a look and enjoy. My son wants to start a 3d printing service as well. so we will have more information soon on that.
Posted by Kiev FPV | Dec 26, 2016 @ 01:24 PM | 6,196 Views
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I don't know how many FPV fliers there are in Chile but this guy is incredible. Not a lot of Andes Mountains FPV footage out there it's pretty spectacular:
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hi peeps

just a quick message to show u are new gopro session mount/cases with standoffs

back standoffs

middle standoffs

many thanks for your time and Merry Christmas
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Wall climbing RC car (1 min 21 sec)