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Posted by TeZoVoTo | Oct 07, 2020 @ 02:58 PM | 1,293 Views
Hi Guys,
For couple of mounts I have been “fighting” with my new TX Radio: Taranis X9D plus 2019.

Radio Ver:
FW: opentx-x9d+2019
Ver: 2.3.0 (2c018e71)
2019-9-5 08:55:07
EEPR: 219

I was able to set up the standard 4 channels (YouTube) and see the response on my receiver.
Everything was looking fine but for couple minutes. I have discovered that Channel 2 start is sliding to the right to full max … kind of saturated at 100% and stop responding to the stick (No SD card).
I download on my PC the content for the SD Card

sdcard-212x64-2.3V0029.zip 13-Jun-2020 13:43 120936969

Then I hear the sound commands introduced and was trying to generate (many) new (4 CH) receivers… The new Menu start showing me pictures for different selection … but doesn’t allow me to select any, i.e. no response from the “menu”.
Starting up the Radio TX testing … all looks ok. But after 30-45 seconds the channel 2 starts getting “saturation” (to the right) higher and higher until reaches 100 %, and stop responding.

However, a built many 4 channel models on a clear place from scratch… The result was the same.
Could anybody identify my problems and help, please?