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Posted by wright2u | Apr 10, 2014 @ 09:11 AM | 3,540 Views
(Warning About This Plane)
I purchased from General Hobby a Revolution F3A January 18, 2014. and during the second flight after trimming set up the left wing broke off in flight. Upon inspecting the wreckage I discovered the advertise carbon fiber wing tube and landing gear are not. I lost more in the plane than the plane itself. I really like the plane. I contacted General Hobby and told them what happened and I would gladly pay the shipping for a replacement. I suggest that the wing tube and landing gear be checked to verify my claim and this was there response.

General Hobby:
Thanks for the email regarding the F3A plane. I made a lengthy talk about the issue with the manufacturer about this issue. They insisted that the wing break off could not be caused by the wing tube. Even after I pressed hard, they could not give me any chance.
We will find a solution by ourselves. We can send you a plane free shipping. The shipping costs about $85 by Greyhound (UPS costs over $150). I will send you an invoice for that.
In addition to that, we will make good deal for you for your future planes. Slowly we can make up your loss on this plane.

My Last Response:
Hello Richard,
Thanks for replying, I paid $289 for the plane plus $40.39 shipping via greyhound. I would have to pay full price $289 plus over $600 to replace the equipment that I had inside. I also would have to buy real carbon fiber gear $90 and wing tube approx. $80. That is not customer service. Richard you...Continue Reading