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Posted by Gwelan | May 10, 2012 @ 07:39 PM | 3,686 Views
I want a gimbal that can protect something BIG, like a DSLR. Something like a spherical crate would be great. Using soft materials like EPP, EPO, EPE and the like would increase the safety factor both for the camera and the earthlings who say "cheese".
Posted by Gwelan | Feb 15, 2011 @ 01:24 PM | 4,927 Views
I was looking for what to do with a bunch of vertical blind headers saved from a nearby container. Then I told myself "How about a CNC? " These blind poles are straight aluminium extrusions. They also can support a lot of weight. Torsion is their most apparent weak spot but if I ever run out of vertical headers I cant buy a lenght of 96" for about 15$. That's way cheaper than most aluminium extrusion. That torsion problem can be solved with support: The Y axis headers will be firmly scewed to the table sides. Those on the X axis will be held by 8 metal brackets.

Next I had to find a cheap bearings source to turn these headers into CNC rails. 2$ Rollerblade wheels were later found in a flea market. 1$ bearings is OK for me.
Testing the experimental chariot was the third step and it It seemed to work fine for what I could see. I just wish the rail won't let me down when the machine will be functional...

For about 1 week today I've been designing that CNC. The weakness (in tortion) of the blind headers commanded a different approach for the spindle design: Keeping the spindle and the Y leading nut as close as possible of the work surface. This will (I hope ) decrease mechanical stress and deformation on the frame components than the classical high profile gantry.

See the comments section for updates.