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Posted by Melnic | Jan 18, 2012 @ 09:34 AM | 7,439 Views
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For information on Electric Airplane flight and how to install a gyro onto an RC airplane go and visit:
Posted by Melnic | Oct 01, 2009 @ 10:57 AM | 9,116 Views
I have several Xheli 450's. I fly these the most. They are my "beater" helicopters.
I have 3 Blueray 450's that have been upgraded to some extent over time. One of them was a Blueray 450 PE RTF with the 6 channel 2.4Ghz radio they sell. I had over 60+ flights on it in the stock configuration. By far this is the best sub $200 RTF system I've seen (SE version). Highly upgradable. You can start with an SE version, upgrade it with a metal head/tail later, then as you get better, upgrade the electronics piece meal realizing an improvement with each and every upgrade. Although I tend to use EXI 450 parts for them, you can also use Align. EXI 450 parts are MUCH cheaper than Align and I"ve typically stocked up on spare parts so if I crash, I can repair that night and be back in the air the next day. I currentlly have 2 450's that are nearly identical in performance and flight charactoristics but have slightly different electronics. I also did a flybarless conversion in one and a scale body in the 4th. I have put together a website mostly on the Xheli 450's here:

Some videos:
Blueray 450 and EXI 450 flights at Rotary Wings over Maryland (8 min 42 sec)

EXI 450 & FlyCamOne2 with Picture in Picture (5 min 9 sec)
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Posted by Melnic | Feb 05, 2009 @ 04:42 PM | 9,353 Views
Got an Esky Lama V3 in June of 2008. This was my first and only coaxial.
WOW, very stable!!!! 10 minuts of flight too per pack.
Got it from ebay. Came w/ spare blades, training gear, Serial FMS cable and 2nd battery pack for I recall $119 shipped from Hong Kong.
This was a really relaxing heli that I'd take to work and fly after work or fly in the basement. I"ve flown it in the backyard some too where the tall trees shield me from the majority of the wind. Even in a slight breeze of a couple MPH, it will take this heli as it can not do forward flight very fast. If you try it, it can fall out of the sky.
After about 20 or so flights, the Rx controller burnt up on me. I got a
replacement for $29 from the same Ebay seller.

Since I had a spare Esky Tx, I got an Esky trainer chord and even let my kids try to fly it using the 2nd Tx as a buddy box.

Even though I think this makes a great beginner heli,
I think every heli pilot needs a coaxial for flying indoors!

Here is a video of me in the warehouse at my work:
Lama V3
Posted by Melnic | Feb 05, 2009 @ 04:19 PM | 9,301 Views
Got my Belt CP from Jag hobbies.
Shipped really quick and I was very excited to get my first 450 electric.
Got a 2nd pack w/ it. An Esky 2200 20C.
Spent the night setting it up per some suggestions I found online.
Took it to the field and flew it the next day. Luckily there was little wind.
Did loops, rolls and stall turns with it on the 2nd pack.
Tried a flip and whoosh, tail shot out on me. Barely recovered. Decided I needed a HH gyro to make that more fun.
I experianced a couple "glitches" and decided to put my Futaba Tx to it.
So I did that and the glitches kept comming back. So I purchased a Spektrum Dx7. When I was doing a range test, I found that I had done the bind process w/ the throttle set at 1/4 and the heli turne on it's side fracturing a control rod (that I did not notice till MUCH later). I flew it about 5 more times wondering why it would JERK to the right once and a while. Found out on servo was bad. Replaced that but it still had some funny charactoristics till I found the broken control rod and replaced it. At that point, I got CF main blades. That really helped the forward flight. No more pitch up. I also added a HH gyro. Then I started to experiment w/ standing flips w/ it. (attached is the first time I did flips w/ it). Later the summer I got Esky Paddles w/ it. So my mods to date are only Esky parts (CF blades, Purple 704B HH gyro and CF paddles). 2nd video includes some concecutive flips w/ the CF paddles. The roll/flip rate REALLY increased with those light paddles.

Belt CP flips w/ wood blades

Belt CP w/ CF paddles
Posted by Melnic | Feb 05, 2009 @ 03:59 PM | 9,400 Views
Centruy Hummingbird Elite FP.
Got this back in November of 2004 as my first indoor Electric Fixed Pitch.
Flew it back then in the basement and a little in the garage.
I was also flying it some in the warehouse at work.
Took it out once in a while in the basement to just hover around. Never thought it was that stable. Lipo Pack I got w/ it did not really have enough power to hover well and the 8.4V NiCds did not last all that long for me (about 6 minutes). It was interesting but not that exciting. The Kit I got was RTF less the Tx. It was Futaba compatible so all I did was get a matching Xtal to make it work w/ an existing Futaba Tx (Futaba 8U)

In summer of 2007 I took it outside for some forward flight. That did not work out well. I was really used to Collective pitch 6 channel helis and I crashed it when I reducd throttle and lost headspeed as well as control.
I later got a Hummingbirt FP (non-elite) Jetranger scale fuse w/ ARF and put the electronics into that. Once again, in FF I reduced throttle like I would in a CP heli and drove it into the playground slide.

I have enough parts to put it back together but for now, it lies in it's original box in the rafters of my basement awaiting resurection. Maybe I'll save it and have my kids try to fly it after they graduate from flying the Esky Lama.

Attached are a few photos of me flying it in 2004.
Posted by Melnic | Feb 05, 2009 @ 03:19 PM | 9,322 Views
Built my Raptor .30 V1 back in 1999 I think. I know it was sometime around the first 1 or 2 years that it came out. Purchased the ARF kit with TT36 motor from ehobbies. At the time, I had sold my Xcell .60 heli that I was using in local AMA competitions because I felt it was getting too expensive to crash and I was not pushing myself. It was a good move. I sold it with enough money to buy the Raptor, a new Tx and plenty of fuel to spare. I flew it regularly back in the first 2 years I had it. My only mods at the time was to add a Futaba GV-1 Governor as well as SAB4 fiberglass blades. The stock blades were "OK" but the fiberglass blades added forward speed and FFF stability (no pitch up). Flips and roll rates were better too. The heli laid dorment for about 5 years till the spring of 2008 where I pulled it out and flew it a few flights before burning up the piston sleeve when I leaned it out too much. I purchased a junk engine from someone and swapped piston and sleeve and got it in the air again flying a dozen or so times after that. With the advent of getting into electric helis, the old Raptor is not going to see much flight time but it was a good buy for me and never had a crash. The only near crash I had was one day I failed to give the old Telebee (original Telebee HH gyro) time to initialize and I tood off w/ no gyro. I was able to land it w/o incident luckily.

Futaba PCM8ch Rx
TT .36 Pro engine
Futaba 9202 servo on the tail.
Futaba 9202 servo on the Pitch
Futaba 3001 servos on the cyclic and Throttle
Telebee GR701 Gyro

A short hovering video of the heli:
Raptor Hover