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Posted by Screw | Nov 21, 2011 @ 09:45 AM | 3,690 Views

My name is John Stevens and I've been flying R/C for 40 years. My father Dan Stevens, has flown R/C since he was 11 and died at 74. He taught all of his sons (Bill, Mike, and myself) to fly when we became 11 and I am proud to say that all of us still fly to this day.

Our father taught us to build and fly his way. "If you want to stand out, you have to build and fly things that no one else could buy, and fly them well!" he would say. Therefore he passed down building and flying skills, that a lot of people either never learned or have forgotten. Mac Hodges and my father were best friends, and the B-29 and X-1, and a few other weird airplanes like the BV-237, Shinden, Skyrocket, Brewster Buffalo, ect. was my fathers greatest expressions of his views. Dad taught us how to build a scratch airplanes from 3 views, and make them fly. These are skill very few people have anymore. He and Mac set up "Stick" contest and used to have them every month, and we learned to fly in a very competitive way. If we were not at the contest, we were practicing for one.

Anyone can buy an ARF, and you will see several people out at the field with the same airplane. We "Team Stevens" have never rolled that way. It seems to me that "Kits" are becoming obsolete due to the popularity of ARFs, RTFs, ect.

Since the introduction of Electric airplanes, All of us have resisted calling it the "Dark Side." Now, anyone who wants to...Continue Reading