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BLOG 001
There is a large ammount of cell data in these forums.

As a user of cells, I find that most of this data is incomplete and unconvincing. And what good data there is, has to be processed to make it usable.

Some suggestions in the attached file.
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Just maidened my A-10 with 5800kv Feigao Motors

Flew great! I am having so much fun with this plane.

Here's 2 videos. I Compressed them but they are still big ~ 20meg but should start streaming right off the bat.

A-10 Maiden

A-10 Second Flight


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lanny heres a pic of the kayak, on salt river , green river check out the discriptions!, im planning to do a 45 miler on green river in april if all goes as planes, yipppi

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The latest issue of Model Aviation contains a note that there will be no "Grand Event" this year as there were no offers to host it. Well, it could be that people just don't think that putting on a extravaganza for non AMA members is such a Grand Idea!

The Grand Event was held in Waco last year and several people I spoke to were considering attending until they learned it was not for them. The flyer basically said not to bother bringing airplanes because the event was not for AMA member participation, it was to attract new AMA members.

Spending big money on an event for non members seems foolish to me. Particularly since some of the money went to things that don't fly like rockets, cars and boats. Maybe the trade associations picked up the tab for this but I'm doubting it.

I believe a proper Grand Event would be aimed at the members who foot the bills. The AMA could use some sort of event that is more akin to the EAA's Oshkosh than to either the Grand Event idea or the Nationals.
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God dag, hello.

Arboga 2 March 2006

Here in Sweden winter is present. Snow is falling almost every day.

I am indoors repairing my Gambler+. The boom was broken but is now in one piece again. At the same time I am designing my own bicycle. Construction will start very soon. This will be my first homebuilt bicycle. I am looking forward flying my Gambler+ AND brazing steeltubes. Doing real things with my hands is very satisfying and relaxing. And the the contrast is huge - small delicate pieces in the G+ compared to filing and sawing steel. Luckily there is good information to get from internet in both cases.

Now I would like to show a picture of me catching the G+

And also picture of the bike.
The red lines is my present bike and the grey bike is the one to be constructed.
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Caliber ZG is perfect heli for camera work
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"If you are not confused by the uncertainty principle, you do not understand it."

"The universe is not expanding. The things inside it are shrinking."
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Wow. So this is my first blog. With the loss of the gallery for photos, I guess I'll post them here, though chances are low anyone will ever look here.

I've been seriously doing R/C for about a year. I had made an attempt a couple of years previously with disasterous results. Totally crushed my spirits and any attempt to ever try again. Then a friend at church was building a plane and it got me excited again. I was going to start with Pat Trittle's 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane, but was convinced to try a Mountain Models Magpie. I am certainly glad I did!! I ended up building the Eastbourne anyway and it is now hanging in my cubicle at work. I entered it in the Colorado State Fair's model building division and managed to beat out the other entrants for a first place and best of show for the category. I acquired a Peter Rake Eastbourne and am going to build and fly it instead. But first, I need to master what I have.

To be honest, flying is a blast, but I really love building the birds, too.
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hi this is my clod but i am looking to upgrade it big style so any suggestions are very welcome
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Hey guys,

This is my other hobby. She's a 1965 Lotus Elan S2 with a few mods.

I bought her when she was 10 years old. She needed a good amout of work. And she behaves much better (and has fewer problems) if I play bagpipe music once in a while when driving her!!! Go Figure

I slalomed her for a few years back in the 70's and also did some Rallies.

The slaloms are very hard on a car, so I have rebuilt her. Now she gets out once in a while for a nice run throught the mountains - great on the twisty bits! She is still a driver's car, not a museum princes.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather be at a warmer place right now.

Ever wondered how Stephanie looks like when she is not holding a model?

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Well I started a blog on the net before I knew there was a blog here..


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I like to watch birds just to practice my R/C vision. I've seen gangs of two or more seagulls harrassing eagles and occaisionaly the eagles chase the seagulls. Both avians are opportunists so I've always assumed they were chasing each other away from nests or whatever was washed up on the beach.

From our car parked on the ferryboat a familiar movement out over the beach caught my eye. A bald eagle and a seagull involved in aerial combat. I watched the gull dive and twist easily out maneuvering the larger bird. The eagle could out climb the gull and stay above it but when it dove the gull would simply turn. As they were 'on-the-deck' this forced the eagle to pull up hard and climb again giving the gull some more manuvering room. The battle progressed out over the water away from the beach and I thought the gull would simply land. I was amazed at the amount of energy the eagle was expending to rid itself of a pest. A moment later I discovered this was not the case at all.

The gull made a break running in a straight line away from the beach, it's wing tips touching the tops of the waves. The eagle, from about 100 meters back, was instantly after it about a wingspan above the water. The speed difference was amazing. The gull did not get another 100 yards and the eagle was on it. Tallons reached and gulls fate was sealed. The next instant the eagle was struggling for some altitude with it's payload before winging back to the beach. It perched on a piece of driftwood high on the tideline then I saw it's head dip quickly in a swiping motion. Eagle 1, Seagull 0. No second chance.
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Wrap the broken area with kevlar thread and a criss cross pattern then soak it with thin CA. It will be stronger than before and best of all; you don't have to take it apart. Just make sure it's straight before you soak it with the CA
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Hey guys, here's a few more pix of my Tigermoth.

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The theory is when you are not in lift you are in sink.

- John Elias