Posted by GEMFAN ts | Nov 18, 2020 @ 08:08 PM | 5,565 Views
🤩🤩GIWEAWAY TIME & Annual BFCM Promotion! 🤩🤩
Join in our loop giveaway with Betafpv on Instagram!
By completing the loop, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a gift! Enter before 12 p.m. UTC+12 on 30 November 2020, for a chance to win.
>>Four winners will be chosen randomly on 4 December.
>>AS shown in photo, winner will get one BETAFPV Meteor65 OR one giftbag with Gamfan props and AIO 1S FC
This is a great opportunity to win these amazing prizes, get the rules to join it quickly, very easy and simple!
#loopgiveaways #betafpv #gemfan
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Plenty of aircraft to fly at the moment, with too many built during lockdown and the natural predator of airframes unavailable. So I thought I would scratch a long-term itch and try planking with balsa for the first time. All went reasonably well - I now have to decide what to do with the result, keep for show & tell at the club, build the rest of an aircraft to match, or just scrap it and put it all down to experience....Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Nov 18, 2020 @ 07:31 PM | 5,093 Views
Micro Tundra gets a 1306 (2 min 11 sec)

I soldered the motor directly to the ESC ( Lose some weight )
Everything seems fine , still using the factory ESC since the 6030 pulls a little over 5A

Test bench results =

6040 King Kong MT Prop - 6.8A - 55Watt - 8900 rpm - 180 grams
6030 Gemfan - 5.5A - 44W - 11500 rpm - 192g ( Not the same 6030 used on the 1106 )
5040 GF - 5A - 41W - 12000 rpm - 168g
6x4E - 6.6A - 52W - 9100 rpm - 180g
5045 - 5.5A - 43W - 11500 rpm - 162g

Hmmmm , well ! On the test bench it did 190 grams of thrust .. But in the Tundra ?
Anyways , there is a 1306 in my Micro Tundra now .
Posted by old4570 | Nov 18, 2020 @ 05:01 PM | 5,246 Views
XK A430 7 seconds to death (1 min 12 sec)

7 seconds after switching to 3D I killed the A430

A) Gyro was way out , hunted the ground bad .
B) This model is so small
C) I lost the model in the background as it flew past some trees , it vanished just long enough to bounce of terrible firmness !

D) Death ! Post mortem !

The nose snapped off so easily - Because the insert for the landing gear was not glued on the forward side . This created a weak spot . So only the sides of the fuse were holding the nose on . Also this foam is weak . Best to not crash one like a Micro Tundra . ( Thats all me ) .

Glued back together / Hopefully Calibrated / hopefully ready for round 2 .
It's not mint anymore !
Posted by Mirec46x | Nov 18, 2020 @ 04:35 PM | 3,779 Views
I always wanted to go to this place, to this hill. But I found the way to get there by car just after few years. And it was worth it. Beautiful views to both side of the hill.
Even better from hights of sky, perfect place for flying. I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy the beauty of views.

This is just video number one from here. Second one is just on the way Stay tuned

Drone spot #8 - Brodno chapel. Fly through. #fpv #fpvdrone #fpvfreestyle (3 min 23 sec)

Posted by Oxotnik | Nov 18, 2020 @ 02:13 PM | 3,963 Views
I recently had gotten a Hangar 9 Bf-109F-2, and unfortunately, it did not survive the first flight day. Maiden and three subsequent flights were fine (with typically trimming and such). Unfortunately, on the fifth flight, I was shooting touch-n-go's, and had a mishap which put the 109 into the trees. Ultimately the H9 109's nose and wings were turned into pulp. A total loss. I'm still angry at myself for not handling the emergency better. Wudda, Cudda, Shudda...

Anyway, I'm a hug Luftwaffe warbird fan. I just had to have replacement 109. Since the H9 Friedrich is OOP, I couldn't simply get another. So, I looked around and decided that I'd get the Seagull Bf-109E. Unfortunately, the Seagull Emil is hideously ugly. The green polka dots make me wanna puke every time I look at them. I'd contacted another owner of the Seagull 109, and he vouched that it was nicely constructed ARF and flies well, helping me decide that it'd be worth my money, time, and effort to get the Seagull 109 and to repaint it into a livery that I'd be proud to have and to fly.

I am going to do a total repaint of the 109, turning it into Werner Moelder's JG53 Chevron and Triangle.

...Continue Reading
Posted by DutchRC | Nov 18, 2020 @ 12:07 PM | 3,958 Views
Halloa people

so yes.. Xmas is just around the corner though that will be "a bit" different this year I guess..
IF you celebrate Christmas at all that is

I got a few Gift Tips for you regardless!
Or maybe just Tool Tips if you want to give Yourself something

Tool Tips / Christmas Gift Tips 2020 ! :D (14 min 4 sec)

Posted by Tazkiller85 | Nov 18, 2020 @ 06:02 AM | 4,375 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Détente pendant le confinement ! J'ai en test aujourd'hui le petit S122 de chez Yile Toys. Un petit engin qui ne paye pas de mine mais qui est très efficace, facile à prendre en main, résistant aux chocs grâce à ses protections d'hélices, une autonomie correcte et un maintien d'altitude impressionnant ! Ses nombreuses fonctions, chacune commandée par un bouton facilement reconnaissable, avec une radiocommande très ergonomique, feront la joie des plus jeunes et débutants. En bref, une très bonne surprise pour un budget de moins de 20€, l'engin idéal pour s'initier au pilotage à vue, à pas cher, chez soi, pendant l'hiver et ce confinement ! Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

S122 Mini Drone d'initiation - Review Test Démo - Spécial confinement 3, Annonces nouveautés ! (25 min 15 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Pour moins de 20€ c'est vraiment pas mal !

Les + : Léger, Costaud, indoor/outdoor, Bonne autonomie, Bien protégé, Pilotage facile et précis, Bon maintien d'altitude .
Les - : Un peu plus d'autonomie serait pas mal, Manque une notice en français pour les plus jeune ...

Les produits vu dans la vidéo :
- S122 Mini Drone :
- Turbo Racing RTR 1/76 (Coupon BGOcturbo ) 52.67 Entrepôt CN:
- Turbo Racing BNF 1/76 (Vente Flash) :
- Wltoys 124019 RTR 1/12 (Coupon BG124019 ) :
- XLF F17 RTR 1/14 :

-...Continue Reading
Posted by | Nov 18, 2020 @ 05:28 AM | 4,231 Views

Here is my review on the Happymodel Crux3

Probably the micro of the moment in my mind. I had over 6 minutes of decent speed flight on a 3.5 year old 2s 450mah battery that wasn't that good when it was new. Tune is great out of the factory and the hardware is well matched but check out the link for more details.

Oh yeah, 14% coupon code at the bottom of the article if it smokes your tyres.

Posted by old4570 | Nov 18, 2020 @ 04:22 AM | 3,646 Views
It's a reality !
I was able to shoe horn in the 1306 motor .
Adapter plate revision 3 .
There was no getting around lowering the motor .
I also had to massage the front of the cowl with a micro torch .
The clearances are tight , they are there , but it's tight . Cowl looks nice and stock , except for the scorch marks .
But who's going to look that close ?
Thats it for today !

Next some soldering so as to apply power to the motor . But not tonight !
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Nov 18, 2020 @ 04:04 AM | 3,414 Views
Typical for these boards, there is much point to point soldering & wire harnessing after the etching. We have an IMU header, BT header, 900Mhz header, debug header, steering servo header, 2 motor sensor headers, 15V input, 6V input, 2 traction motor headers, battery voltage sensor.

The mane tasks are detecting motor angle & controlling the traction motors.
Posted by old4570 | Nov 18, 2020 @ 01:59 AM | 3,313 Views

One step forward , two steps back .

Ok ! motor is in the plane - BUTT!

There is that butt again ! Geez , just can't be easy can it !

So , the motor is hitting the cowl because its larger ..

A) I could move the motor back
B) I could move the motor lower

Easiest right now might be moving the motor back a little ... 0.5mm at a time I guess ..
Posted by Amber Wang | Nov 18, 2020 @ 01:52 AM | 2,058 Views
Hey guys, welcome back.

This is Amber from AGFrc team. Nice to share our products with you here.

Some of our fans may have known it early that we have launched several new servos recently. Their looks and strength power make them stand out quickly. I heard that some of you don’t know them, so there i brought them and come.

Please allow me to share SA18 and SA33 these two low profile smart servos with you first.

Please enjoy the beauty of these two servos.
Name: SA33 SA18 (2).jpg
Views: 3
Size: 413.3 KB
Description: Name: SA33 SA18.jpg
Views: 3
Size: 391.8 KB
...Continue Reading
Posted by jmxp69 | Nov 18, 2020 @ 12:06 AM | 3,018 Views
This is a cool little part trick for field configuration of iNav via WiFi:
Speedybee First Look • How-to Configure iNav via WiFi with your Phone (5 min 35 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | Nov 17, 2020 @ 11:02 PM | 3,187 Views
This is the Maiden Flight Of My E flite Viper 70mm EDF Jet With GoPro Hero 7 Black Footage Only from when I was just getting into EDF Jets on my new Random Reviews Channel:

Maiden Flight Of My E flite Viper 70mm EDF Jet With GoPro Hero 7 Black Footage Only (5 min 33 sec)

Posted by Justwingit | Nov 17, 2020 @ 10:21 PM | 3,353 Views
Folks, this is indeed a VERY unique and special RC Model Aircraft !

This model was made from the molds used to construct the model Saab 35 Draken used in the final scenes of the 1990 movie "Firebirds", starring Nicholas Cage, Tommy Lee Jones and Sean Young: (

Please join us as we watch the MAIDEN FLIGHT of a piece of RC History !
Saab 35 Draken from the 1990 movie "Firebirds" - MAIDEN FLIGHT! (6 min 39 sec)

The molds for this model have been stored in a location in Arizona since the movie was made, and were acquired by a group of RC enthusiasts about a year and a half ago:

Master modeler Rodger Hecht was contacted by one of the people involved, and Rodger built this model from those ORIGINAL molds.....meaning, this is the FIRST TIME one of these models has flown since the movie was made !

Please enjoy watching this HISTORIC flight, and forgive me of any wind noise in the background...

Posted by old4570 | Nov 17, 2020 @ 09:13 PM | 3,444 Views
Something came in the post !
A XK A430 ...

It was on special , it was in the oz warehouse , so saved on Post+GST and it was on special .
And I wanted one for better or worse ( Hmmm , been getting my fair share of worse lately ) .
Anyways ..

A) Instruction manual bites hard
B) See the bind button in the pictures
C) CG is supposedly 30mm - this means the included battery needs to be as far forward as possible .
D) Weight - Mine comes in at 88grams with the included battery
E) I bound mine S-FHSS to my Taranis ( Multi Module )

Bind process : Turn on the plane and push the button ( Max ) . The red light will go off .
Turn on your Tx ,
I had to frequency fine tune , after range testing I ended up with +38 on the fine tune .
If your multi module is not close enough , there is no bind ..
So just freq fine tune till you get a green light . Then range check and tune .
You dont need to bind mode the Tx . You just need to be on the money with the freq tune .
Havent flown it .
Wind has picked up - was nice this morning when I took the beaver out .
But another brutal hay fever day . ( Peak of the season ) Even with meds my eyes are burning !
So the next plane to be maiden - XK A430
Posted by BDOG1 | Nov 17, 2020 @ 07:59 PM | 3,296 Views
It has been unusually warm here in the north east this fall allowing me to get out and maiden some powered projects as there has been no wind from the proper direction for my hill
But wait ......A large cold front sweeping thru ,High winds ,rain and dropping temperatures .... IT MUST BE SLOPE SEASON

Out to the hill today, temps in the 30's with lake effect snow and finally north west wind predicted to be around 15mph

Wind at the top was a solid 20 gusting above 30 mph with a trace of snow from the morning with partial sunshine.
I flew the Sally first for about 20 minutes to shake the rust off and scope out the lift ,She is a great flyer with no bad habits ,it was so good to be flying again !

Next it was time for "The Gull " , I am not sure who made this one as the fuse appears to be blue foam with balsa sheeted wings ,the fuse glassed and the wing covered in film.

I launched her with my left hand and she flew away with out a twitch or a wiggle ,I trimmed quite a bit of up elevator to fly level but noticed a bit of hyper stall even with the solid wind i had .
After about 5 minutes of flying {she was cruising around nicely} I got out in front of the hill when we had a wind shift that put her down, after a little walk to retrieve I tapped some lead on the tail and relaunched.
Wo Hoo ! Much better,
I wound up taking almost all of the up trim back out {ended up with about a 1/16 of reflex } now no sign of hyper stall ,she was handling the gusts and quartering wind with no problem a Great flyer , I even had a big red tail hawk cone over to scope her out - I dont think he had ever seen a sea gull doing pumps before
I finished up with the Sizzle and landed as the snow squalls started to blast in again .
A Good Day !
Posted by old4570 | Nov 17, 2020 @ 06:15 PM | 3,237 Views
NiceSky DHC2 Beaver Flight 2 (4 min 10 sec)

Trims were almost 100% so I got a little brave with it !

I did have a little issue , the Rx was glitching . When I came home I found the ESC parked too close to the Rx .. That could have been bad !

So had to remove the wing get in there and relocate the ESC away from the Rx .

The BEaver did hang off the prop @ around 75% throttle .. That's got to be nice . Rolled ok and looped ok , also nice .
This plane really reminds me off a Super Kinetic . It's heavy for its size , but flies really nice with no apparent nasty tendencies like death spiralling !
It does how ever land a little fast . Will have to see about Flap-ailerons ( Flaperons ) Since I have split the ailerons over two channels .

But even cutting the motor and pulling back on the elevator , there was no stall and it landed . Fast and bouncy , but it landed .

If you see it on special (?) maybe dont be afraid of it .