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Posted by CaptJ42 | Mar 04, 2010 @ 06:06 PM | 5,850 Views
Hi, my name is John. While I am new to RCGroups and I guess you could say, R/C, I was into R/C 30 some years ago. It was a lot different then and I have so much to learn.

Back then I had a Cirrus 4-channel and a Futaba 2-channel. If I wanted to fly a different plane I took the RX out and installed it in a different plane. We didn't have crystals to change.

I flew things like a Sig Kadet with an O.S. .35, a Mark's Models Windward sailplane with a Cox .049, and 4 or 5 other models. One was sort of a modified Staggerwing Beech with an Enya .60, A 1/2a Fokker D VII, and a Cessna 172. All were balsa / stick built. A few people said they heard of some guy who made a foam cutter and was making his own wings.

Now I am building a SeaBB 42. I think I bit off a lot for my first fff project. It sure isn't pretty but I hope it flies close to what Ken designed. I love the slow flight characteristics of it. I also have a Accipiter Badius by Exceed-RC, rtf and found a Mark's Models Windward sailplane kit I want to build and install a brushless motor in.

I live in eastern North Carolina, way out in the country. We are so far out the people around here call it the End of The World. LOL.

Anyway, this is me. Send me a PM if you want.