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Bardwell F4 Flight Controller - AIO FC BY RDQ W/OSD 3-6S
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Buy it now: http://ebay.to/2DM38ZX

Joshua Bardwell and RaceDayQuads.com have come together to make the industry’s next favorite flight controller. With the latest features, a layout which will make your build clean and easy, top notch customer support, and an extremely competitive price, the Bardwell F4 AIO Flight Controller is perfect for your quad!


3-6s F4, AIO board with MPU 6000 gyro
Superb board layout allowing for easy and clean builds
Joshua Bardwell authored manual and selected features, manufactured and backed by RaceDayQuads
Centrally located gyro
Betaflight OSD w/131a current sensor
Compact 30.5x30.5 board layout
7.6v filtered power out for VTXs – very strong filtering capability for clean video (the 5v output is also filtered)
Power Out: 3x 5v, 1x 3.3v, 1x VBAT, 1x VTX filtered power (7.6v), 1x Camera filtered power (7.6v);
4x UARTS for FRSKY, SBUS, IBUS, SAT (2 inverted UARTS)
Smart Audio compatibility and Camera Control capability
Pre-flashed with BF 3.2.1 – Compatible with CLRACINGF4.hex
Programmable LED pin
Buzzer pins
Blackbox capability
No pinned-connectors – all direct solder for optimal durability
Included and installed vibration dampeners

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February 1 TAG Grant PostMarked by February 1 AMA Take off and Grow Grant
Awarded in April

February 1 Scholarships
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February 15 Youth Leadership Award
Announced in April

March 1 Flying Site Grants
Announced May 1

March 31 Leader Club Renewals
No official announcement

March 31 AMA Hall of Fame Postmarked by March 31
Announced after the July EC meeting

March 31 Club Charter Expiration
No official announcement

March 31 Special Interest Group Renewals
No official announcement

June 30, 2017 Nominations due for AMA executive vice president and vice presidents in Districts III, VII, and XI

August 31 National Aeromodeling Heritage Program

September 15 Goldberg Award
Announced November 10

Sanctioned Event Calendar – 120 days for maximum exposure; 30 days minimum
Foundation Donations – December 30 for tax purposes
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Just bought 2x E011c and removed the annoying christmas song speaker.
This was the cheapest way to go rather than buying the E011 from Banggood.
My question is does any one know what budget transmitter works well with this drone? only asking because the one provided is too small and up/down toggle is so touchy that i cannot control it.
I bought a Propel nano 2.0 previously and this was easy to learn how to fly but one of my motors fried. Propel do not get back to me about where i can buy new motor so i gave up on that venture and that is how i came across the Eachine E011c.
Read some info on the Bayangtoys X9 transmitter being compatible.
One drawback, the X9 transmitter lacks a button to flip to inverted position what ever that means??
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Emirates Airline has pledged to order up to 36 extra Airbus A380s, and, in doing so, has essentially saved the European firm’s flagship commercial plane from the scrapheap. Airbus needs to make at least six A380s a year in order to maintain an efficient production line, and no orders came in during 2017. A few days ago, the company warned it may have to end production unless a big new order came in soon.
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Forgot to put this one up.....

Version 3 of the Bloody Hell....1/2" pink foam fuselage, Elmer's board built up wing and feathers, covered with 1.5 mil Doculam, painted with rattlecan.

I've flown her 3-4 times, but no video yet......been too cold and now snow........Continue Reading
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This is what some of us RC guys do when the weather is not going well. I picked up one of these inexpensive kits on eBay. It uses 512 3mm LED's formed in a matrix. It dances around in animation and is nice conversation piece. So if you enjoy soldering or were an avid Heathkit guy like I was back in the 70's this is worth building. I made a video to help out anyone who suffers through the bad documentation that is included.

LED Mini Cube 8*8*8 project (28 min 15 sec)

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Got my Leopard .10 and a 40 Amp Esc today. Soon as the aluminum motor mount gets here from custom mounts, the Cub is gonna have some serious Mojo, over 4 pounds of thrust.
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Next on my drawing board is a Waco YQC-6 "Sesquiplane" that I translated into foam from an old "Skymasters" free-flight plan. I made a few adjustments to wing incidences for powered flight vs rubberband, then I worked backwards from the outlines to create crutches and formers that tab together for quick assembly. The exterior is then skinned with 3/16-1/4" (6mm) FFF or Depron, etc. I'll finish it with masking paper/Tite-bond-II like my Grumman Goose... gives a great finish, easy to paint, prevents a lot of hangar rash, easy to patch, and adds a lot of tensile strength to the foam.

This is another in the series of foam planes that uses the same 5.125" "peanut jar" for a cowl. I've been hoarding these plastic jars for some years now, I use them in my garage to sort nuts and bolts, etc... but they work great as a cowl for radial engines. I even designed a paper-model radial Wasp Jr. engine that I can scale to fit.

64" DeHavilland Beaver
59" Grumman Goose

I currently have a 1/6 scale Sterling Stearman on my build table, so this will have to wait until my desk is cleared... but should be a quick build once I get started. This will make use of a removable "power module" battery tray for easy battery swaps, similar to how I modded the Sterling Stearman. Everything slides out the front of the firewall and is held in place with a spring-loaded pin, disguised as the air intake snorkel.

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for many years, i never missed the Tommy Hunter show. folk music. when i was in vancouver, he was in toronto. when i went to california, he went to nashville. when i came back to canada (this time to a place north of toronto), he came back to toronto. but i never had the chance to meet him in person. it was until, in recent years, he came to windsor, where i live, that i had the chance to meet him. i liked his show because had a message of optimism. not only happy music. at the end of each show he hung his guitar and had a phylosophical talk. 1 of them was about a nearby farmer that he went to visit. he said that his wife was going to have another baby and he was out of money. his house needed roof repair as leaked all over; the bank denied a loan so his helper left due to lack of payments; the cow broke in the fence and eat all the beans; the hogs got cholera and died; the soil was so dry that you couldnt rise an umbrela on a sack of fertilizer; and his mother in law was moving in to stay. then he said: but we are still living, so everything is o k.
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For the original thread please follow this link, thanks!

************************Review below********************************************* ***********************
Eachine E500 Review

The Eachine Mirage E500 is a 497mm wingspan VTOL aircraft. Designed to eliminate a lot of problems that plagued “conventional” R/C VTOL aircraft, the E500 may have the potential of becoming a VTOL for the masses. In this review we are going to analyze this aircraft from my perspective as a product developer, and hopefully provide you with some insight towards what it’s like on the ground and in the air.
Special thanks to Banggood.com for providing the sample unit, which was provided under the understanding that my review of the E500 would be unbiased.

A bit of history…
VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) technology has been one of the holy grails of the R/C industry. With the (rather recent) advent of lightweight brushless power systems and lithium polymer batteries, the only thing that stood in the way of developing a true VTOL was the flight control system.
In my previous life as a developer for a certain US-based R/C company, we played with numerous VTOL designs- a quad motor with pivoting pods and two wing-sets, and a V22 with an EDF in the tail section to provide balance. While advanced for the time, these models did still suffer from some of the fundamental problems in VTOL design- highly complex structures which led to added weight, shortened...Continue Reading
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Halloa guys

yes sir! An actual RC motorcycle! The first time I get my hands on an RC like this. Exciting!
I've been interested in them for years.. Most cost more then I wanted to spend.. This H-King 1/8th scale
bike looked good to me, for what it costs

Link to this motorcycle: H-King HKM-390 Onroad Racing Motorcycle

Link to the lipo's I'll use: Turnigy 1300 mah 2S

Link to the allu bike stand: Optional allu bike stand

Obviously I'll allso do dring-video's with the bike.. For now, here is my show & tell on it

DutchRC - Vroem VROEM! :) The 1/8th scale HobbyKing HKM-390 Onroad Racing Bike - Show & Tell! (17 min 31 sec)

Length: 289 mm
Width: 72 mm
Height: 140 mm
Wheelbase: 204 mm
Full weight: 735 g
ESC: 25A brushed w/XT30
Motor: 380 21T Brushed
Battery Bay: 70x18x38 mm
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This was a gift to me found by someone in a garage. I sent it in to ZDZ for maint. When it comes back, I will need a plane for it. Any suggestions welcome

Travel air mystery ship.

douglas dauntless

trojan giant scale
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Spitfire MK19's have been hidden from sight for so long that few videos show the performance this star of the air has in it. The sounds in this video are AWESOME! Enjoy

Supermarine Spitfire AWESOME SOUND !!! (3 min 15 sec)

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It looks like Gearbest is expanding their product line, and is now going to be selling LRP products The LRP S10 BX BL Blast 2 RTR is now in stock and available as a complete RTR package with 2.4ghz radio, splash proof 45A brushless ESC, 3650 3300kv brushless motor, 2s 2400mah LiPo battery, and a basic B3 balance charger for only $149.99 with free priority shipping to the USA. Shipping rates will vary to other countries. More info, detailed pics, and running video coming shortly so stay tuned.

...Continue Reading
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Another old flight that I almost forgot hidden in my computer!! Davide and I found this little sand (I don't know exactly what it was) quarry and we had a lot of fun!! Unfortunatelly the light was pretty bad and suddenly, at a certain moment, we had to run away...

PS: I still have the sand in my jacket pockets!!!

Camera: Xiaomy Yi - with SuperView script

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh .....THANK YOU!!!

Find me on facebook:

Find me on Arivuz:

Mr. Sandman - Quarry | FPV FREESTYLE | RACING DRONE ITALY (4 min 10 sec)

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Best to wait a year or two, before you purchase a multirotor (drone) for racing, sport flying, video or photography. There are rumors that some major changes in regulations from the FAA and FCC are in store. Of course, they're only rumors right now, but it will affect whether or not you will be allowed to fly or even own a multirotor aircraft. So don't plunk down any of your hard-earned money just yet, unless you're very wealthy and/or have your own private land to fly over. Here is an example of what can happen and worse: https://forum.dji.com/thread-96803-1-1.html
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Hey,, new jack here,,, is it possible to throw traxxas aton (i believe 370mm) guts, brains and all.. And put them into let's say,,, 300 mm frame.., shorter props of course... .. Think it would be plugged and play or would it throw off the brains... Cause malfunction? Any help is appreciated...
Posted by Karthick sankar | Yesterday @ 11:40 PM | 1,062 Views
Hello.. I am using Fs- i6 transmitter and Fs-i6B reciver. At the initial stage it works fine.. but now its binding but not accepting the commands.. pls help.. i am building a rc plane
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Video of the Crazy Sukhoi. It is designed for indoors but it coped fine with a very light breeze and I enjoyed it so much I kept flying and charging packs until the wind picked up too much.

Crazy Sukhoi Autopartner /Meier Models (5 min 16 sec)