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Posted by aaronredbaron | Aug 17, 2019 @ 10:24 AM | 1,505 Views
I have been collecting kits and engines for many years, and while I love building I feel like my larger airplanes are less practical than I would like. I really enjoy small glow power models with tiny four strokes... I'm weird... so I'm looking at this shelf of engines and thinking about how I miss driving a 5 speed car... and I kind of had this hair brained idea I should sell the whole shelf and buy a beater.. something I can fix up and work on with my son. something with a 5 speed and rear wheel drive... dare I say all wheel drive?

I was heavily impacted by watching the drift bible when I was a teenager... if you have never watched it I feel like it made me a much safer driver as I've been able to handle sliding conditions in emergencies over the years where my car ended up drifting suddenly on ice. I have never crashed a car and I feel like mastering these skills are a zen like experience akin to flying helicopters and building with balsawood...

The Drift Bible (How to drift for starters/pro's) with the Drift King (FULL HQ) (1 hr 9 min 25 sec)

I miss having a 5 speed.. I feel kinda gutted not having a 5 speed. I got to drive perhaps the zenith of manual car technology this summer... my friend let me drive his 1991 Acura NSX with a supercharger and numerous other performance upgrades... holy moly! the connected, visceral feel of that mid engine v6 with the screaming supercharger, no power steering, stability control, just 3 pedals and pure bliss...

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