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Posted by TomD_Cincy | Aug 04, 2019 @ 09:38 AM | 2,066 Views
I picked up a Z-50-EP second hand (actually more like 3rd or 4th hand) for my son and have been trying to track down information on the CG location.

It's this same plane as advertised in this post: I also found it here (though has been discontinued):

One of the previous owners had hand written 9x6 prop and C/G 2.(something scratched out)". The guy I bought it from was not the one who wrote the CG information on the manual and unfortunately had not even flown the plane. He was not sure if the CG information is correct.

Given that it's a nice wood model, I want to verify the CG information before attempting to put it in the air. My son is just beginning to fly 3D aerobatic planes and we would like to avoid any surprising handling characteristics that might result in a useless pile of splinters at the conclusion of his first flight.

If anyone has any experience with this plane and knows where the CG should be located, we would greatly appreciate it if you could respond to this post.