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Posted by TMacFPV | Apr 27, 2019 @ 01:45 PM | 1,171 Views
WINNER! Free Micro FPV Build Stuff – Gratitude Giveaway Was a Blast! Thanks to all who participated and for your continued support of TMac FPV!!

Posted by TMacFPV | Apr 20, 2019 @ 06:50 AM | 1,876 Views
About 9 months ago, we started TMac FPV YT channel to document our "Journey to Better" FPV Fun, Flights, and Racing Stuff and share our flight footage and stuff we learn with our family & friends. Within the past week, we have surpassed 100 subscribers! This, to me, is a humbling experience. I am very appreciative of the support from our "TMac FPV Teammates" and want to thank you in some way for that support.

So, we've put together a Micro FPV Build "starter kit" as a Gratitude Giveaway. At least one of the components we're giving away can be used in ANY size Quad, so, if interested go ahead and check it out. It's Free! Once again, Thank You to All! Enjoy & Happy Flying!
MICRO FPV GIVEAWAY (9 min 5 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Apr 13, 2019 @ 08:35 AM | 2,639 Views
After two weeks, the people have spoken and have chosen the FlexRC Ascent 3 HD frame over the HGLRC Arrow 3 Hybrid frame for our 3 inch Micro FPV Quad build. Installed an on-board Runcam Mini DVR fed by the new Caddx Ratel Camera. Picture-in-picture displays of flight footage for both on-board DVR and transmitted video to goggles DVR for comparison. Short clip of build precedes flight footage. PIDS & rates shown at beginning of flight video.

Micro FPV 3 Inch Quadcopter Build (7 min 18 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Apr 05, 2019 @ 04:24 PM | 2,645 Views
Nano-sized Quad with MEGA-sized FUN! We explored the capabilities of the R3DShifters R3DWhoop Ion, a 3D Printed FPV Race Drone! If you’ve never heard of R3D Shifters, it is a company based out of New York City, USA. R3D Shifters currently has 4 different frame kits all made from carbon fiber/nylon filament and 3D printed. This one we have a blast with today is the R3DWhoop Ion. We take it out to a local park and put it through a test of its flight capabilities. Let me tell you, this Little Guy can Rip! On cheap 2S batteries! Wow, this was fun!
Your thoughts on Nano-sized Mega Fun?
3D PRINTED FPV RACE DRONE (4 min 17 sec)