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Posted by cuavlindy | Apr 24, 2018 @ 01:40 AM | 2,572 Views
hi ,dear friend

here is C-RTK review for you , thanks for checking

C RTK new products FROM CUAV (1 min 49 sec)

here is you can check more details :
Posted by cuavlindy | Apr 19, 2018 @ 03:53 AM | 2,582 Views
Xtend XTP9B DPS 001PIX Wireless Data Transmission Module Kit RF Box 900mAh 1W for PIXHAWK/PIXHACK Flight Controller

Xtend XTP9B DPS 001PIX Wireless Data Transmission Module Kit RF Box 900mAh 1W for PIXHAWK/PIXHACK Flight Controller

- Model:Xtend-XTP9B-DPS-001PIX
- Indoor/city distance (with 2.1db antenna): Up to 900m
- Outdoor/wireless visible distance (with 2.1db antenna): 15-22km
- Sending power output: 1mW-1W(0-30dB)
- Seriel transmitting speed: 10-230, 400bps
- Receiving sensitivity: -110dB(@9,600BPS),[email protected],200BPS
- Transmitting speed: 9,600 or 115, 200bps
- Wireless RF transmssion speed: 125kbps
- Working temperature: -40~85 degree C
- Working frequency: ISM 902-928MHz
- Spread specrum: FHSS
- Networking topology: Peer to peer,point-to-point,point-to-multip
- Channel: 10 hop sequences share 50 frequencies
- Encryption: 256bit /128 BIT AES
- Voltage: 2.8-5.5VDC
- Receiving : 35mA
- Certificate: FCC,IC, C-TICK
- Size: 7.5*4.6*1.7cm
- Antenna weight : 24g
- Module weight: 29g
- Shell: 47g
- Total weight: 100g

- CNC XTEND shell, high quality
- 57600 baud rate with flight controller, distance over 20km
- Baseboard with USB port and TTL interface
- Working band ISM 900M, 115.2kbps, with a RPSMA antenna interface
- FHSS technology, transmitting power software adjustable 1mW-1W
Transmit power output 1mW 10mW 100mW 500mW 1W
Power voltage 2.8-5.5VDC 2.8-5.5VDC 2.8-5.5VDC 3.0-5.5VDC 4.75-5.5VDC
Transmit current (5V) 110mA 140mA 270mA 500mA 730mA
Transmit current (3.5V) 90mA 100mA 250mA 600mA N/A
Size (mm):84*46*17
weight: 39

package weight:300g

Package including:
- 2 x Data Transmission Module with shell
- 2 x Antenna
- 1 x Connection cable
- 1 x USB data cable

more details as below:
Posted by cuavlindy | Apr 14, 2018 @ 03:38 AM | 2,337 Views
CUAV wireless data transmission Integrative Receiver ONE BOX Mavlink 5.8G servo for Flight Controller UAV quadrupter

ONE BOX is composed of CUAV autonomous flight controller developed for mav link digital image transmission integrated receiver
Built in 500MW sik data transfer (915mhz/433mhz)
Built in 5.8G 42 channel high sensitivity video receiver
The built-in OLED 128*64 screen and microprocessor, can display the flight condition and the state of vide
Through the micro USB interface to access the phone or computer, you can simultaneously obtain real-time flight video and UAV mavlink data
Compared with the digital link, it has a lot of advantages.
It's simpler:
The original data transmission and video transmitter can be used
Use a OTG USB line to connect your cell phone and your computer
It's more convenient:
The size is only 49mm*39mm in size (3 points per size for an ordinary cell phone)
He's cheaper
System communication framework diagram:

you can order here :
Posted by cuavlindy | Apr 10, 2018 @ 11:50 PM | 2,664 Views
CUAV NEW XBEE Radio link 250MW Wireless PRO 900HP integrates signal s Data Transmitter for Pixhawk Pixhack Flight Controller

The CUAV XB Radio PRO wireless data communication module provides best-in-class wireless connectivity for drones or IoT devices. They use the DigiMesh network protocol, have intensive network operations and support for sleep routers, and can also use proprietary point-to-multipoint configurations. These modules support RF line-of-sight ranges up to 28 miles (with high gain antennas) and data rates up to 200 Kbps, making them ideal for extended-range applications that require increased data throughput.

The CUAV XB Radio PRO does not require programming and can be easily configured using Digi's free XCTU software or through a simplified set of AT commands.

The built-in Digi XBee module has been pre-certified in multiple countries, further reducing development costs and shortening time to market.

The CUAV XB Radio PRO module is easy to use, shares a common hardware serial port, and offers a variety of different protocols so that users can integrate with your drone or device with minimal development time and risk.

Product Features:
Double-ended switching
CUAV XB Radio PRO has built-in TTL and USB ports, seamless switching between air and ground, and greater flexibility to reduce the cost of use.

Integrated RSSI output
CUAV XB Radio PRO integrates the signal strength output and can be directly connected to the drone controller, allowing the user to obtain the current signal strength in real time to determine the risk of loss.

you can order here: