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Posted by cuavlindy | Feb 06, 2018 @ 04:03 AM | 3,776 Views
NEW FREE SHIPPING CUAV Pixhack V3 Flight Controller Combo for FPV RC Drone Quadcopter Helicopter flight simulator

Pixhack V3 is a new UAV control system, by cuav to build a new, can run Px4 and APM environment. Support includes: fixed wing, multi rotor (3-8 rotor), helicopter, VTOL VTOL UAV, unmanned vehicles, unmanned boat.


CUAV Pixhack V3 Flight Controller PIX Open Source for FPV Drone Quadcopter Helicopter

Ground station : Click here
Flight controller drive: Click here
Pixhack information: Click here
APM/PIX information: Click here

Notice: The booking period is about 10 days.

- Processor: 2
- Main processor: STM32F427 V3
- Coprocessor: STM32F1
- Support remote control signal: PPM/SBUS/DSM
- Power supply redundancy: Support 3 channels redundancy
- 6* 3 groups of IMU
- Support fixed wing/multirotor 3-8 axis/helicopter/car/boat
- Support PX4/APM software

- L3GD20 3-axis Accelerometer
- LS303D Accelerometer+Magnetic meter
- Ms5611 Barometer
- MPU600 gyroscope+ Accelerometer
- MPU9250 Accelerometer+gyroscope+Magnetic meter
- Ms5611 Barometer

- Weight: 70g
- Shell material: CNC aluminum alloy
- Size: 68*44*15
- Working temperature: -10~55 degree C
- PWM output IO: 13
- Mavlink seriel port: 2
- Support GPS:2
- Debug interface: 1
- I2C interface*2
- CAN interface*1
- Support smart battery
- HackLink : Support
- Built in shock proof

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Posted by cuavlindy | Feb 01, 2018 @ 02:26 AM | 3,086 Views
2.1 basic introduction of product function:

HACK LINK is an UAV high-definition digital link which designed & produced by CUAV. It is the only one to support the mavlink data and HD video digital link on the market .

HACK LINK support 720p HDMI real-time video transmission , as well as real-time interactive mavlink flight data, and even support PPM remote data forwarding. The real time watch and control of HD video can be realized by mobile phone or tablet.

Products divided into end plane and ground station, both by a single high performance of NXP IMX6 CPU which is responsible for processing . and runs the Linux system, ensure maximum system reliability, and also has a strong secondary development room and let UAV lovers to maximize their play imagination.

Wireless part adopts high performance high PCI-E WiFi network scheme, 2X2 mimo antenna design, single road up to 500MW power, each through CUAV strictly calibration and test by Agilent N4010 and IQFLEX , to ensure the maximum consistency, in the open without shelter environment, distance even more than 2km .

PS: Attached the hacklink content for your reference.

Best Wishes !

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