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Posted by Blueangels4 | Oct 28, 2010 @ 04:11 PM | 12,488 Views
found a scale aircraft papermodel website with some nice planes and thought I should take a stab at it,.. as I was cutting out the templets and as it was taking shape I wondered man, this could look cool if the plans were enlarged and made with 3mm depron,..

I crudely constructed the papermodel but whats amazing is that it actually flies real good!,.. next step is to make a larger depron version
Posted by Blueangels4 | Nov 20, 2009 @ 03:03 PM | 12,617 Views
nuther project I have wanted to try for awile,.. will let you guys see progress as it comes,... here is a screen capture to kick it off
Posted by Blueangels4 | Apr 07, 2009 @ 12:40 PM | 17,211 Views
I am in the process of building profile depron chuck gliders for my boys to play with in the back yard,.. (not of the cheap dollar store quality either with the plastic nose weight and prop) but with some physical dimension,.. averaging 12-18mm thick of depron,.. and sanded to shape! also design to be completed in 1 night (unpainted of course)

I notice that alot of thread entries mention need time away from the family to complete RC projects or wives nagging (a universal truth) But I was surprised of my wifes enthusiasm and support when i made some laminated depron profile Bell X-1 chuck gliders for my boys to play with in the backyard (that flew really good btw) a neat and quick way to include the family and introduce the boys to RC planes! they painted them some wild colorschemes,.. and enjoyed being part of the process!

again first one was the bell X-1 which flew great ( I used some pennies hidden within the laminations for nose weight) length was only 7 inches long but sailed steady and true for what seemed forever,...

the next one I am working on is the Electric lightning and it looks great so far,... this one is stepped up a notch though,... with again,.. laminated 6mm depron BUT this time with a 1/32nd thick balsa center profile (even fibreglassed to endure heavy hands),.. the 6mm depron is sand to shape and rounded and actually is taken on a scale look! all from printing out 3 views from a 3-view thread on this site (will include the link soon)

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