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Posted by Doug Simmons | Sep 13, 2018 @ 03:11 PM | 2,474 Views
Were you as dumb as I, you might figure before buying one of these RC trucks that, because they only escape two dimensions through brief, low-altitude parabolic flight, that maintenance and necessary upgrades, as well as tempting hop-ups, relative even to large airplanes would be minimal. Wrong!

Turns out there are as just as much electronics -- heck, my car has the vehicular counterpart to rate mode gyros (and it's impressive) -- if not more and whole lot more mechanics and stress on those mechanics involved, from transmission and gear ratios to shock absorbing modifications such as oil silicone "weight." Wheels, wheel offsets, tires, pre-mounted wheel/tire combos; if you want much better grip on the wet grass in my backyard, which wouldn't be the most sinister activity when trespassing, you'll need to drop $150 on a new set with a different tread pattern, or more if you're going up from 2.2" to 2.8" "monster" tires which require bigger whatevers to handle the torque, plus stuff to raise your suspension, and maybe some different sort of gear ratio -- or after having spent four hours combing the forums on that single topic, you change your mind and go the low center-of-gravity kit route. I have no idea how much that costs off-hand but given that whatever aluminum caster blocks and steering hubs are will run you forty or fifty bucks, it ain't cheap.

Oh and rust, what a frightening pain in the ass that says hello by day two: Once you learn...Continue Reading