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Posted by Doug Simmons | Aug 19, 2016 @ 07:35 AM | 7,328 Views
Maximize this puppy. Greenwich CT, staying within the baseball field's boundaries and getting sweet footage until the frickin' voltage telemetry sensor shorted at 2min mark. Using Runcam 2 (badass).

Pic related.

E-flite Timber crash caught on Runcam 2 1080p 60fps GPS Google Earth (4 min 59 sec)

Posted by Doug Simmons | Aug 06, 2016 @ 09:50 AM | 7,179 Views
Well, I'm on my third Timber now. Flying gently yesterday, E-flite battery, nothing in the plane not made by HH or not intended for the Timber. Suddenly no power and she spirals down to the ground.

I approach the Timber, busted gear springs again (naturally), and funky smelling smoke is pouring out of the grill underneath. Woah.

I rip out the battery which wasn't what was burning thankfully, it continues to smoke for another few minutes. Put it in the trunk, went to the LHS, they said it would cost $168 to repair everything (I trust these guys) and the ESC is on backorder until forever, might as well buy another plane. I'm addicted, they had a coupon for me, so I had to. Fresh plane, though my wallet's thinner (these guys prefer cash for some reason) and my car still smells like burnt ESC.

When my last Timber's ESC died spontaneously it did so less dramatically. Presuming something shorted, perhaps wires rubbing against the motor, maybe the RPM leads, wouldn't ESCs have some sort of mechanism, like a fuse or whatever, to shut itself down and not begin to melt the foam when sensing the extreme resistance of wires crossing?

Obviously with the nose falling off and chopping itself up and these two ESC situations and a busted aileron servo which was broken just from transporting it which led to another crash on top of having to substitute duct tape for shock absorbers I'm an anomaly, still, I wonder why the ESC and servo would be on backorder, and gear springs now listed as a new accessory on pre-order...

Though I wish they had a pre-order-two-get-three offer, I'm still a Timber and an HH fan. If you're wondering what happened to my finger in the picture, well, the next time someone warns you about propeller safety, listen. I've had my share of finger versus propeller incidents but this one hurt, blood actually splashed up my arm. But the doctor who stitched me up, though stingy with the lidocaine, had a nice butt.


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