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Posted by thefokker | Mar 16, 2011 @ 08:02 AM | 37,717 Views
Coming soon is a fun fpv racing group to Chicagoland. It will be open to any multi rotor pilot who wants to fly with any equipment.

Racing will be against the clock. We will keep track of your course times to see how pilots improve over the season. We will have 1 on 1 "call out" races so you can race your buddy.

This will be at an AMA field so AMA is required. There will be a $10 landing fee for non members, members race for free. The $10 landing fee goes to the club to pay for the amenities of the field, like toilets, seating, and runway maintenance. The landing Fee will include a pilots lunch, hot dogs, chips, and a pop.

Anyone interested please send me an email [email protected]


More info to come. Please post any comments or suggestions.