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Posted by LemonC | Oct 27, 2017 @ 01:27 PM | 9,451 Views

Item name: Omnibus F3 Nano flight controller
Size: 27mm*27mm
Mount holes: 20mm*20mm, M2.5
Weight: 3.7g
Sensor: SPI Sensor MPU6000
Power supply: 2-4S
Firmware version: Betaflight 3.2.0
Target: betaflight_3.X.X_OMNIBUS
Without barometer
Suitable for ≤150mm frame kit, especially for 130mm frame kit

-Support programmable LED_STRIP (turn off transponder before using)
-Support the newest DSHOT1200, PROSHOT ESC
-Support BLheli suite
-Built-in OSD
-Built-in 5V/3A BEC
-Bulit-in LC filter
-Buzzer solder pin
-Built-in voltage detection, alarm
-Reserved current sensor solder pin
-Reserved IIC solder pin

Receiver configuration:
DSM, SBUS receiver input, please configure RX3 as input interface

Package inlcuded:
1* Omnibus F3 Nano flight controller

**i havent found any reviews on rcgroups about this FC, yeah its F3 but should be good for me.*** i hope i have a positive experience with it.

Just got one of these in yesterday finally. i went with it bc it has 3a 5v onboard, F3 with lot of accessable pads, Im gonna run it with a xsr-m, F3 should make the telemetry a bit less of a headache hopefully. Im putting it in my GepRC Sparrow frame - got my replacement arms the other day. I also got a Runcam Sparrow micro 16x9 fpv cam to throw in the mix. Waiting on DTX03 from Banggood US warehouse, should arrive any day now. why is their US warehouse...Continue Reading
Posted by LemonC | Oct 19, 2017 @ 04:21 PM | 7,583 Views

i think i need to quit.