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Posted by LemonC | Dec 15, 2016 @ 12:54 PM | 11,347 Views
My lunch buddies...

Kim195X frame from hobbyking. Came in a small plastic bag. I really like that the top plate has more mounting capability than the X shaped top plate on the Darkside ARC200. You might notice on my ARC the reciever and vid tran came loose (from my last crash yesterday). The Kim should offer more stable mounting of those bits. The Kim195's machining seems a bit ruffer than the ARC200 for sure. I also like the arcs arms more so bc the kim's arm mount holes have less material behind the mounting points than the arc... not sure how well either will hold up tho. The Kim195 has a cage around the FC area, whereas the Arc200 the FC is stacked as part of the 'cage'... The Kim is a bit tight, but my naze fits in well, i had to slightly file my 4in1 racerstar esc's corners to get it to fit inside the cage. Kim's empty weight is about 62g.

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Posted by LemonC | Dec 07, 2016 @ 01:44 PM | 9,828 Views
im hooked on quadcopters... FPV race styled ones... im not very good yet, but im sooooo hooked. I also recently gave up facebook, which has coincided with my complete absorption into fpv racer styled quads... By styled, i mean racer frames and components, but im shooting for maybe novice class motors, or less amp draw. 20a and below. Mainly for price. Also for longer flight times, lighter gram weight, usage of 1000-1300mah 3s lipos....

I lost my diatone color 250 frame a few months ago, it was fun, but i didnt have FPV yet at the time. It flew away, it didnt love me...

I then picked up some affordable bits and built a new quadcopter and quit facebook.... i got a Quanum cyclops fpv monogogle. it was on sale for $40.. it works pretty well, but it clunky to lug around when i finding my downed quad.... it works. I am MUCH better at flying fpv than line of sight!

Ok after a few weeks on my hobbyking 250 plastic frame with 1704 1900kv multistars, i broke off an arm. I had ordered a Darkside ARC200 on sale for $20 i think, and was holding off on that, but i needed a frame and mounted my hk250 stuff onto it... i thought i might be beyong my skill level to fly, but its not. It definately is tighter to put everything on it, but i got it setup well imo for now.

One of my motors has gotten bent up twice... so i ve been mulling over new motors for it... im going with dys 1806 2300kv's in fancy pants red. i also just received some banggood 2205 2300kv's but im gonna hold off on them for a minute... i like low amp draw and the 1704 1900kv's have and are serving me well enough for now.

I also just ordered another carbon chassis... i was gonna get another arc200, but i decided to try out the Kim195 chassis. it has a similar build setup, but it has a better top plate, that id like to have... it was a little more than an arc200... i also considered a lifetime warranty frame, which i think i might get for my next rig...

im hooked
Posted by LemonC | Dec 05, 2016 @ 02:05 PM | 10,110 Views