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Posted by Late99 | Oct 29, 2016 @ 01:40 PM | 9,254 Views
I got 70" EF Extra during early spring 2015 as they were dumped at bargain prices (discontinued model) by a Scandinavian dealer. I went cheap route with elevator servos and picked Hyperion servos, which were same size and also quite similar specs as 7245 Hitecs. All the servos in this plane are run at HV.

Well, these servos also were very fluttery on ground from start. I knew that that flutter/jitter should stop during load (and it did when for example pressed with elevator with finger) so I wasn't too worried about it.

To my great surprise during flight 34 elevator fluttered violently during relatively fast straight line flying (IMAC style practice, not full power though). Something clearly broke in the plane (heard a crack) so I immediately initiated landing. Made it safely to ground, but it was evident already in flight that fuse was broken and also left side elevator servo wasn't working properly. As I touched down left servo totally stopped working and also right side servo quit when I tested high rate elevator movements after landing.

The servos clearly weren't up to the task, probably the gears were already damaged during previous flights and finally wrecked on this flight. The tail of the plane had completely broken, it was basically held only by covering together - so in that perspective I was really, really lucky to fly the plane to ground. Gears (carbonite) of both elevator servos were broken.

Based on earlier repairs I had made I wasn't too worried. Of course it was a bit disappointing, this was a new plane for me and first damage is always frustrating, but I was confident that I would get it repaired.