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Posted by Late99 | Dec 11, 2014 @ 05:15 PM | 5,820 Views
I made some tests on the newly received 370 size motors to help determine which motors I should mount on my scratch build I3D and RC-Factory Edge 540. These all were ordered from HobbyKing and were in 1050-1200kv range and from ~50g weight class.
  • Turnigy 2209 1050kv "Aerodrive"
  • Turnigy L2210C 1200kv "Air"
  • FC 28-22 1200kv (Emax FC 2822)
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Posted by Late99 | Dec 03, 2014 @ 01:58 PM | 4,473 Views
I've been able to fly weekly despite the weather. Not too many batteries and mainly during work lunch breaks in a park using Lil' Ripper. Also the temperature makes sure that you don't spend too long time freezing your fingers changing batteries.

I crashed Lil' Ripper once head on from low level, but the damage was only a loose motor firewall. Everything seems to be ok after repair... But you just can't have too many foam planes to replace broken ones. Especially when talking about depron planes. Dark also comes so early that you're forced to spent your evenings building.

I was first looking at Durafly Hypebipe, but then based on advice decided to order RC Factory Edge 540 to be my main 3D training bashing foam plane for next year. I had some extra 3mm and 6mm Depron and seems like I still had a desire for bipe so decided to build I3D . I'm currently waiting for electronics for both I3D and Edge... I won't hurry with Edge, but I think the I3D will fly quite soon. I've cut all the parts, have hinged control surfaces and are in the process of attaching CF strengthening.