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Posted by Suko | Apr 04, 2019 @ 11:55 AM | 11,966 Views
It seems like there's always a lot of questions on how to setup the Lemon stabilizer in a plane. There's a lot of guides out there, but it seems like that first setup can be daunting to a gyro newbie. I created this guide to help out some who may be needing some setup help.

First, let me make it clear that there's 2 different Lemon gyro types currently on the market. The Lemon Stabilizer and the Lemon Stabilizer PLUS. I personally prefer the standard Lemon Stabilizers, since the PLUS versions are a bit more complicated and more tedious to setup (IMO). Before you get started, make sure you know which version you are using. The standard lemon has the satellite port next to the dials. The PLUS model has a recessed button. This blog is discussing how to set up the STANDARD Lemon Gyros.

Please note: In order to utilize all 6 channels on a Lemon Stabilizer, you MUST have a 7+ channel transmitter. I know this doesn't make sense, but trust me. If you have a Dx6 and you have a 6ch airplane, this guide will not help you. There are gyro options available that can work, such as the admiral gyro receivers and the orange gyro, but the standard Lemon gyro is NOT recommended if you have a 6ch transmitter and a plane that requires all 6 channels.

Why? Because with a standard Lemon Gyro, the GEAR channel turns the gyro on/off. This means that...Continue Reading